Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Summer Sofa Table

My sofa table serves as a "stand-in" for a mantle.
It always get a new look for the seasons. 
 Summer means beach, so that's where we're headed.
I wanted to used our custom made tile on the stand. But it was lost on the big stand
 I had Larry cut a piece of plywood so that I could mount it.
We ordered this Chez' May tile from the artist while we were in St. John 
for our son's destination wedding in December 2000.
Diane Artware. We bought a few pieces from her.
This still didn't look right to me.
I went into the garage to find some sisal rope for the edges.
I hot glued the rope to the boards edge and around the tile.
Much better.
I found this driftwood and added that. 
A large conch shell, was also found on a beach.
I filled a large apothecary jar with crushed shells from the beach,
and topped it with a large shell and a little greenery.
This is another tile we bought. while in  St. John.
I added it on a small plate stand.
The perfect coastal lantern, with shells and a blue pillar candle
(a Christmas gift from my niece Christina and her family)
 was brought in from the living room coffee table.
I'm going coastal with blue, ivory, shells and sand.

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  1. A fine stand-in for a mantle if you ask looks great, very summer-like! :D

  2. Your coast scape is lovely. I love that personalized tile and on the board with the rope, it looks amazing. Totally love that ginger jar and am thinking the crushed shells are so pretty in that jar. It certainly says seaside to me! xo~marlis

  3. It's lovely! I don't have a single seaside element in my house right now. This makes me want to do something like this. I love your personalized tile the most.

  4. How neat that you use your sofa table as a mantle. You are so set for summer! Love it!

    - The Tablescaper

  5. Hi Rita! Oh, I love your pretty sofa table and how you've dressed her up! You're so smart making the cute piece of artwork.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. Beautiful vignette! Love everything you put together....Christine

  7. Hi Rita, Your vignette is so pretty. A destination wedding! I think that is so romantic! I remember my Dad telling me 31 years ago that there was no way he was dragging his mother and his aunts to an island and taking care of them while I got married, so I got married in my home town! I have a sofa table in one room but everytime I decorate it one of the boys(mine or a friend of mine) stretch and knock something off! So I have given up on it:) Linda

  8. Going coastal is so happy, relaxed, and carefree==== a lovely opposite to going POSTAL!!!!!!

  9. I really love beachy and coastal and your sofa table vignettes is so pretty. Love the blue and ivory and all the little details.

  10. Love the blue and white, awesome!! It's so cool to keep those shells from past vacations.

    Have a great weekend :)

  11. What a fab idea. Love the blue and white hues.

  12. I love all these posts I'm seeing lately using seashells. I have a large collection of them and have them displayed throughout the house.
    Your displays are gorgeous.

  13. Hi Rita May,

    Your table looks wonderful! It's so summery, and as usual, I'm all about the blue and whites. Your art tiles are so unique; they really steal the show. I also love the white lantern. I had planned to re-do my mantle for summer, and now I'm really motivated! Thanks for sharing this pretty, beachy table.


  14. Such beautiful decorations for your sofa table! Love the personalized tile and how you added the rope around it. The white lantern is pretty, too. I don't decorate my mantle(except at Christmas) either, but I do have a sofa table that I decorate seasonally. I've gotten such great ideas from your post.

  15. Blue and white are my perennial favorite color combination.
    The scale of the tile with new background is perfect now.
    Good job and happy, beachy Memorial Day weekend.

  16. Oh your coastal decor is so amazing! The blue and white is so crisp and clean and has such a homey feel to it too. Very nice!!
    Have a great weekend.
    Ladybug Creek

  17. That is really pretty Rita May! Love the lantern and the blue and white. Just perfect for summer. Thanks for linking it up!

  18. GORGEOUS - the blue and white with the shells are so fabulous!!

    Happy Memorial Day weekend :O)


  19. Your vignette is fabulous!! The crushed shells look so pretty. I adore them around here in driveways, but it never crossed my mind that I could make a display like that -go figure. Lovely!!