Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Road Trip

We always take our van for road trips. It's set up to make traveling easy.
 It's got all the comforts of home in a tiny package.
Refrigerator, microwave, sink, coffee maker, storage 
and a bed for naps or just stretching out to read and relax.
There's plenty of room for the doggies.
They love road trips!
Lots of closet space.
Driver and passenger seat.
Lots of light.
Their favorite spot.
Three dog nap.
Lucky's favorite spot.
Lucy's favorite spot on the dashboard.
My favorite spot-bare feet on the dashboard.
Some essential road trip items-homemade banana bread.
and  brownies.
Don't leave without them.
Pack the refrigerator and cupboard with food and drinks. It makes the trip much nicer to be able to take a break for lunch or coffee and cake.  Summer trips always have lemonade and iced tea. Winter trips, we bring packages for hot chocolate. And of course the doggie chow and treats.

Ready to roll!


  1. It sure does look like the doggies love traveling in your van!! What a great way to travel!!

  2. Now that's the way to travel! Any fun trips planned this weekend?

  3. That is the only way to travel! Your pooches look like they approve too...they are soooo cute! I can't believe the size of those pincones...they are HUGE!

  4. You have the Summer Van set up so cosy and nice. We have to test our new Pleasure Way out to see if we want to use two single travel sacks or one queen size travel sack for the bed. We may decide to leave the bed set up all the time since we have the chairs in front to sit on. You can tell your Yorkies love to travel in the van.

  5. Love the shot of your feet!!

    1. Hi Linda, Seems I usually have my feet up on the dashboard.

  6. Love the shot of your feet!!