Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Christmas Van

We've packed our sleigh van for a big road trip to visit family for Christmas. Our first stop is Texas, then
on to Colorado.
Of course we have a wreath on the grill.
With a red bow.
We strung Christmas lights inside.
Added a red suede down throw.
 Lucy is in her favorite spot on the dashboard with a Christmas baby afghan.
I found it in a NC thrift store. It's handmade for $1!
 Lucky and Princess (see tail) get a snowman blanket on their pillow between our front seats.
 I added some real evergreens in a basket with a red bow. It makes the van smell like Christmas.
 A red-lined basket filled with microwave popcorn, hot chocolate and a tin filled with Christmas cookies. 
Christmas mugs for coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Angel soap dispenser, and all my Christmas CDs keep the Christmas spirit alive while we're traveling.


  1. I love your Christmas Van! Your Yorkies are so cute. My Mom and Dad had three little dogs in retirement - a Yorkie (Little Bit), a dachshund (Tina) and a Maltese (Snowwhite). Little Bit stole my heart. Sadly all are gone now.

  2. This is wonderful! We are leaving for Fl. next week but don't have a van to travel in. Do you use the van JUST for traveling? Just curious. XO, Pinky

  3. I so LOVE the van for traveling. At first glance I thought it was an RV.What a creative way to travel,And oh so comfortable too.