Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Van Go

We're getting our van ready for another road trip.
We're driving to Texas for our granddaughter's high school graduation.
We've done a little remodeling in our Roadtrek van.
 We stained a small wood closet dowel
and installed it for a privacy curtain.
I used a natural shower curtain folded in half and attached with shower hooks.
It's tied back with a ribbon that's hooked on to a small cup hook.
Here's the salvaged kitchen cabinet  from my 
previous post that we repurposed for the van.
It fits perfectly and gives us lots of extra storage and counter space.
All the comforts of home while driving!
We added a trim all around the edge of the counter.
This will prevent items from sliding off.
It's great to have extra prep space and a spot for a toaster oven.
The Longaberger small purse holds a coffee canister and filters.
The drawers needed latches installed 
so that they wouldn't open on the drive.
I thought that beadboard would look good on the side. 
We had some leftover in the garage. 
Larry installed "wood" floors. (laminate form HD)
It looks so much better.
The spot between the front seats is reserved for the doggies.
Their doggie bed fits perfectly there.
 They can't wait!

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  1. Hi Rita! Oh, what a sweet RV! Love your redos and have a wonderful safe and fabulous time in Texas and congrats to your graduate.
    be a sweetie,

  2. Oh Mary-Kay, this is absolutely gorgeous!, I'm jelous, my hubby always wanted to have a van like this one, I'm going to show him yours! You fixed it up great, who would imagin that it's so confi and practical on such small space. Have a great trip and congrats on your grandgirl's graduation, wow! Our eldest is only 7 next month!

  3. Even though I've never been tempted to go RVing, I'm really impressed with your renovation. You've turned it into a lovely home away from home. Cherry Kay

  4. I can't believe you, the van is something else. I only wish you were going to continue on to Los Angeles. We take last minute guest. Take lots of pictues. Kip never replied, did she contact you directly? Jeanie C.

  5. Looks like the van is ready for a great trip! You should plan a "detour" and come visit us in Maine!

    Have a blast at the graduation!

  6. This all looks great...you guys have done a nice job on it...happy trails to you this summer! :D

  7. How fun is that! What a fun way to travel! We had a large "camper", one that was built onto the frame of the truck, while growing up. We took lots of trips and it was so fun! Thanks for the memories!

  8. Hi Rita, What a fun way to travel! We had an RV growing up and spent a lot of great vacations in it. You have done a lot of work and the results are wonderful. Enjoy the trip and thank you for joining my party.

  9. Love everything!! Looks so nice and functional. We just purchased a RT and I would love to change the curtains. Yours look super nice. Did you use glide tape and make them?

  10. Hi Rita,

    Your Roadtrek is gorgeous! I'm looking for ideas for mine! Thank you for sharing!