Sunday, September 21, 2014

Just Add A Pinecone!

The easiest way to decorate for FALL,
is to just add a pinecone!
 Pile them in a bowl, fill an apothecary jar, 
a basket, or a bucket.
Boom! you've just decorated for Fall!
 Here I've used 2 small ones as place card holders.
 I've lined the stairs.
I've even used them as finials by glueing
 them on the ends of a wooden drapery pole.
 I love pinecones!! 
I've been gathering them for years!
I always pick them up at rest stops 
during our road trips up north. 
 These are jumbo ones I find in North Florida. 
 Sometimes one is just enough. 
 Baskets and pinecones are a natural.
 I've had my pinecones for years. I'll be
looking for more on our next trip in October. 
 An old piece of wood board with pinecones
and Dollar Store glass candle votives creates
a no-fuss, almost no-cost centerpiece on the
 breakfast table for fall 
An old bushel basket filled with pinecones
gives my entry a fall look.
Twigs from the yard fill a silver champagne 
bucket with a couple of my jumbo pinecones
 on each side.
I added a few to pinecones and tree clippings
to the planter box on the patio table.
 Pinecones in a dough bowl on a kitchen breakfast bar.
I use my pinecones from fall through spring.
Come Christmas, I just add a string of little 

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  1. It all looks great, Rita. I especially like them in the Longaberger basket!

  2. I agree! Pine cones are a decorator's best friend - beautiful and easy to get! You have displayed yours in some fabulous ways!

  3. Totally right dear Rita May! Pinecones look so Fallish and how you've decorated with them it's inspiring.
    Thanks for sharing, I will pin your ideas.
    Have a great week.

  4. Pinecones are awesome to decorate with! Love the way YOU use them!! Myfavorite are the sugar pine cones! We are in Colorado now and hope to find a few regular ones to take home with us!!

  5. I loved seeing your pinecone displays. I'm another one who picks up pinecones and have baskets and boxes full of them. Thanks for all the great ideas.

  6. Love all your fall touches! i am sure you have more to come and will show us!

  7. I think those of us who have pinecones readily available, tend to take their beauty for granted. I still use them in my decor now through Christmas, but I forget to appreciate the true beauty of each individual cone. I could completely copycat that large wooden bowl arrangement -- have a similar bowl, hurricane and pinecones! I may need to walk around our neighborhood for a few more cones!

  8. You must be the most organized person e.ver. Loving the pine cone displays,...they are so pretty and I found a few while out walking today, along with a lot of acorns. Boy you sure have a lot more pine cones than I have. But do love how you display them and you have given me some ideas.

  9. Thank you for the GREAT ideas! I went looking for fall decorations today to supplement what I have (just for something different) and have discovered that fall only exists as Halloween in the stores! And Christmas decorations outweigh Halloween things! I'm getting my pinecones out right now!!!! Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  10. So true and around here you can pick them for free!