Thursday, December 19, 2013

Use What You Have Decorations

I have never decorated the top of the 
large antique beadboard cabinet 
in the dining room for Christmas.  
I don't know why I never thought of 
changing what I had up there for years. 
This past Sunday I was inspired to 
add a little something Christmassy.
I dropped what I should have been 
doing to start something new.  
I had all the elements I needed laying 
around to put it all together. 
I had a rusty iron window planter 
sitting under my potting bench to use for 
the container. It had lost it's bottom 
so I needed to add a piece just
 strong enough to hold the pinecones. 
I have lots of pinecones. I cut a piece of 
leftover hardware cloth to fit the bottom.
I added a small string of little white lights
 and it was completed in no time.
I like how the basket of pinecones and lights
looks with the antique leaded beveled glass 
window. The brass umbrella stand with 
pussy willow has been there for years. 
I added a few evergreen branches 
and a small ivy wreath. 
I didn't need to buy a thing and I did it 
while I was still feeling inspired and
 that made it fun.
It's nice adding a little something 
 repurposed each year.


  1. Love this - rustic, simple, elegant!

  2. Hi Rita. Just found your beautiful blog and love, love, love your idea! I have a huge cupboard in my livingroom and this would be so perfect. Your glass window makes the perfect backdrop.
    Merry Christmas

  3. Simply beautiful! The lights were definitely the crowining touch. They bring your eye to the top of your beautiful cupboard. Merry Christmas to you!

  4. Rita, I have a bushel basket full of pinecones too. I just love them for decorating, especially during the holidays. Thank you for giving some news ideas....I'm going now to find my white lights!!! By the way, what do you call your decorating style? I know you love country, but you also include other elegant things in your decorating. Whatever you call your style, I love it. Have you already posted pictures of your bedroom decorated for Christmas. I remember how pretty it was last year. Christmas blessings to you and those you love ~ Janice

  5. Hi Rita,
    I love this! I think that using what you have sparks creativity. And wow, this is really a neat project. Love that window, it's gorgeous!!!

  6. Love the rustic winter vignette! The pinecones in the metal container is the perfect and simple arrangement. The lights are the icing on the cake! Have a great Christmas!


  7. The cabinet is a perfect place to decorate and what you have chosen to do is perfect for the feel of the piece.

  8. It's looks so festive! I think this is a nice addition to the room. Perfect place to add some greens and pine cones and lights. Happy Holidays! ~ Sarah

  9. It does look ever so pretty, sometimes unplanned turned out to be the best. I love the pine cones with lights on them! Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

  10. It's very interesting , i love your pretty ideas