Thursday, September 2, 2010


Road Trip: First stop-PINECONES!
One on the rest areas we stopped at was at the South Carolina Welcome sign.
Full of beautiful tall pine trees,
and possibly the biggest pinecones I've ever seen.
The ground was covered with pinecones.
The doggies got walked, and I filled 3 bags full.  .
Only 19 fit into my bags.
But one is big enough to display alone.

Of course that prompted the 2 most asked MEN questions.

1. Do we need more pinecones?
2. Where ya gonna put em?


 1. You can never have too many pinecones.
 2. Everywhere!

I've had these for years.
Filling baskets.
It's the easiest way to decorate with them.


  1. I LOVE these!!! I'm from the Northeast and I have acquired a bucket or two of these and decorate with them all the time... We don't have ANYTHING that big over here SO when people see them "It's a DEFINITE WOW!!!!!!!!" Sometimes I take just one and stand it up in a pot and it looks like a tree and is such a wonderful EASY natural show... AND if you broke some apart you can make incredible flowers for a wreath... "PLEASE TAKE ALL YOU CAN"!!! You will never regret it! Hugs, Donna

  2. I have seen those big pine cones there before.They are big, but will be great for decorating with.

  3. Oh so pretty and what a large ones you found. I'm in NC and need to start my gathering soon..

    your displays are lovely.


  4. I've met my "pine cone soul sister!" Lol. I take them from everywhere. I'm glad that I'm not alone.

  5. Those pine cones are gorgeous! I love the big ones.

    I actually did a post on my Christmas blog about pinecone ornaments last week. Please stop by and visit if you have time.

    Best wishes,