Wednesday, November 7, 2012

House Visit - part 2

Let's continue with our house tour.
We are walking into the great room 
at Chet and Telaryn's. 
The stairs lead to the lower level. 
It's a giant area used for mainly for
 storage and Chet's workshop.  
(I'm still suffering from 'storage space envy')
 Telaryn has also discovered the appeal of 
baskets filled with pinecones.
The great room.
The Duron paint colors are Harvest Tan
 on the walls and Beach Grass on the trim 
A large tv wall unit.
The landing on the second floor is a
good space for a small library.
Let's go up there and check it out.
The second story view.
It's a beautiful view of their 
backyard and pool.
 The fall colors were still breathtaking.
Looking down into the living room.
Lucy looking up!
The bookcases. The window gives this 
space a nice light and has one of the many
beautiful fairies that Telaryn collects. 
There are several throughout the house 
and some nice fairy prints. 
 We passed an antique spinning wheel.
(May have been used by fairies)
 Back downstairs.
The sofa and behind it are
these antique bookcases. The room behind
the wall is the kitchen/breakfast/keeping
room from the previous post.
 I wanted to show you the wall color they 
used in the dining room;
 it's Mexico City by Ralph Lauren. 
There are colorful plates and and a wine rack
on one of the walls. 
A fairy sits on a small cabinet. 
There is a nice collection of fairy prints
in a few rooms.
Chet prefers his fish prints. 
This is a great chocolate brown color 
on the walls in the front office.
You can better see the Beach Grass
paint used on the trim here. 
It also has a  large telescope for 
starry nights.
We'll go upstairs in the next post
where the 'storage space envy'


  1. Oh my, this really is a stunning house and I love all the decor. Thanks for the wonderful tour. Hugs, marty

  2. Thansk so much for this wonderful tour. I am enjoying the beautiful home and ca't wait to see outside!!!!!!! XO, Pinky

  3. Another wonderful tour, it is a very pretty home, and love her fairies. I'm so jealous of storage, the charmer has so little.

  4. Oh, man!!!!! This is great!!!!! What an incredibly beautiful home! I love all the bookcase space on that top landing and those floor-to-ceiling windows!!! What a gorgeous place!!!!!!!!!

  5. What a lovely home! I especially love the contrast and cheeriness of the painted plates against the rich, warm-toned walls.

  6. Stunning home! Love all those bookcase space. Very cozy and warm home.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  7. The home is lovely and what a pretty view of the pool area. Thanks for partying at the Open House party.

  8. I like those fairies placed around the house, Rita May! It's perfect for the fall season, but I guess I can see those pixies all year round. Hehe! Anyway, I love the design of this house. It's simple, elegant, and amazing. You're lucky to have those large windows that allow you to see the spectacular view of the backyard. Hope you maintain the cozy ambiance of your house.

    Calvin Mordarski @