Monday, April 13, 2015

Using A Thrift Store White Platter

I know that I just posted my
but I made a few small changes. I found 
this large 21" white platter at the thrift 
store on Friday. So naturally I had to play
use it as soon as I got it home and cleaned.
For only $3.00 it has so many possibilities.
It won't spend much time inside a cabinet.  
When I'm not using it for food or a tea tray
I can display it against the back of the
cooktop to brighten-up that black tile and be
there ready to grab whenever I need it. 
This is always my favorite way to use 
a platter, a tray, a basket, or a box.
 It's a breakfast table centerpiece when I
 use it to gather a few other pieces.
 Like my orchid!
 I found this little creamer for 25¢. 
 Here's a little tip: When I use glass 
chargers, I use one of these pretty hand
 crocheted dish cloths between the plate 
and charger. That way the plate nestles 
in nicely and there is no clanging.
Don't like wobbly plates-on-plates. 
It's also a nice way to keep hot plates
 warm longer. I find these little cloths 
at craft fairs or sometimes thrifting. 
They work well because they are thinner 
than pot holders and soft.
Always enjoy time playing with dishes.


See the other pieces of white ironstone
I got HERE.


  1. Rita - What a great idea to use the handmade dishcloths between the plates. I too always buy those handmade beauties when I come across them. They hold up so well and last a long time. Have a great day!

  2. Very pretty vignette, what a find! I love your Royal Copenhagen, too!

  3. Love this, Rita. You can really write a book with all your wonderful and helpful hints, maybe call it "Rita-cisms" .:-)

  4. Found yourself a mighty nice platter, and what a price. I never thought to use the cloth in between, but I do now! I have the same creamer....and being white it fits with everything!

  5. So pretty. It's always so fun to play house.
    Love how you used the little creamer.

  6. Love your new platter, Rita, and how you used it in your centerpiece! Also a great idea for the crocheted dishcloth.... Speaking of crocheted, I found a beautiful crocheted afghan in shades of blue at the thrift store today....I have you to thank for the idea of looking for those and using them in home decor!

    Have a good week,

  7. What wonderful bargains! The handles on that tray make it just a little different. It's been ages since I've been thrifting. Now that the weather is turning, hopefully I'll get the chance.

    - Alma, The Tablescaper

  8. What a lovely vignette - the blue on white is gorgeous! Saw your feature at Cozy Little House - congrats!