Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Organizing Drawers-Cocktail Napkins

My OCD was kicked in today when I read a
post on organizing drawers. When I saw the
 cocktail napkins stored in plastic bags,
I couldn't start fast enough!
 This is my 'before' cocktail napkin drawer.
Pretty organized already, but soon to get even better.
 I'm using store sandwich bags because
(a) they are cheap and I had them.
(b) the closure is clear, not like the colored
zip ones that might conflict...colorwise. 
(OK, I realize I may be scaring you now)
 You may have to bend the napkins to
 get them in. The bags hold a lot.
They'll fit perfectly. Push out the air as you
zip them shut.
I even used the bags for some of my vintage
 linen cocktail napkins and doilies.
 All sorted, protected, and bagged-up!
I have quite a collection of cocktail napkins
for every occasion and holiday.
 They'll be so much easier to find now that
they are grouped in bags.
They went back in the drawer...but wait!
Maybe I should store them upright in a wire basket.
I wanted to 'file' them so I needed a deeper
 drawer. I moved them to my vintage china 
cabinet. They all fit. 
This kind of easy and quick organizing is so 
satisfying it makes me dizzy with excitement.
I just can just run my fingers through and
 easily find the pack I'm looking for.
I had to share with all of you out there
 that 'get' this!



  1. Ok, I love this idea. Now I have to figure out where I have hid them all.

  2. I have mine in plastic bags too. But stored in an upper shelf of a lower cabinet. I don't have as many as you though. Mine are left overs from hosting BUNCO. I love all your ideas!

  3. Yup.....I 'get' it, Rita. Sometimes a gal just has to do what a gal has to do.

  4. You cracked me up with the conflicting color zipper thing - that sounds like something I'd come up with! Love your napkins, I love vivid napkins like that, need to start looking for them on clearance more. Thanks for the tip!
    Dawn @ We Call It
    link party Tue-Fri, weekly

  5. Your organization looked good before, but now it's even better. Thanks for sharing your ideas and success! :-)
    Kim @ Curtain Queen Creates

  6. I so 'get' this!!! Gonna tackle this today! I think my larger cloth dinner napkins might fit in a gallon size bag.....they seem to spread out on their own!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  7. I just love little ideas like this and yes, I do get it.

  8. I get it! It's really clever. But I must confess that even though I "get" clever organization, I am really quite a mess. I feel like I work at cleaning up, decluttering and decorating, I am one step forward, two steps back. I think I need to go to homemakers' boot camp.

  9. I would just want to hire you to get my stuff organized! lol. xo

  10. I so need to do this! Every time I see pretty napkins on sale, I just have to get them. And they just seem to "spill" out every time I open the cabinet door!

  11. I love this idea! I have put it on my summer project list and I know exactly what drawer I am going to store them all in.

  12. What a great idea! I've got a similar collection,but they are stacked up in my closet and not protected or easy to access! That is going to change, thanks to you, Rita. Thanks! Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  13. Rita - I "get" it too! LOL I love shopping at Christmas Tree Shop where they have packs of napkins for only $1 per pack. I will have to organize them like you - my hubby and son don't really like it when I put the leftover napkins in their work lunches (LOL!)

  14. Rita, I TOTALLY get it! Nice to know there is someone out there who thinks the way I do! Suzy from PA

  15. Your drawer looked very organized before but now, all filed away, it looks great!

  16. I have been storing my cocktail napkins like this for years. It not only keep them organized, but it keeps them from getting wrinkled when the drawer is opened and closed. I love that you stored them upright, I am going to see if that works with my stash! Dianne

  17. What a great idea! Love the way you have them stored.

  18. I love this idea, Rita, and you'll feel so smart every time you reach for a cute napkin.....thanks for sharing!

  19. I've done that before how they fit in those sandwich bags! Wish I had draws etc. to put them in!