Thursday, April 23, 2015

Collecting White Ironstone

It always starts out small and then the next 
thing you know you have a collection.
 These are the pieces I found on my latest
 day thrifting. The big platter in the back was
featured in my previous post HERE.
Once in a while I get lucky and find a vintage 
piece of real ironstone. This 12" platter
was only $1.00
The hallmark on the back enabled
me to easily look it up on ebay. I could sell
it and it would pay for my entire dish 
purchases that day. 
I'll post the rest of the "stuff" later.
This large white turkey platter will make a
 nice appearance in November. I like to
change the things I lean against the black tile
 behind the cooktop with the seasons.
  This 18" platter was $3.00.
These are some of my past thrifting purchases.
I buy white mugs for 25¢. I have a basketful
 now, plenty for a party or to craft paint.
Teapots for $1-$2
Found this Pottery Barn teapot and
 2 matching mugs.
2 sets of white pumpkin S&P for 50¢.
It's all gathered in my vintage china cabinet. 
It was also a thrift store find.
You can see more about the cabinet HERE,
and see what's in the drawers HERE.



  1. So pretty. I love collecting white wears too. Love the pumpkins and the cow. Lovely collection. Hope you are enjoying your Spring. Love sujatha here from India.:)

  2. i love whiteware. Use it everyday and enjoy hunting for the old English ironstone pieces for display. Great post and thanks so much for joining the party.

  3. I love whiteware. It is so crisp and clean looking. You have some beautiful items. It would be hard to pick a favorite. I really started to notice and like whiteware when Martha Stewart featured it in her magazine and sold some in her online catalog, that is now closed. Thanks for sharing all of your beautiful items.

  4. I love your collection!! So pretty!~ Thanks for joining HSH!