Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What Happened to All Those Corks?

You've seen my wine bottles reused as a wine border in THIS post.
But, what did I do with all those wine corks?
You just know I didn't throw them away!
I saved those too. Tossing them into big bowls.
Until I had enough.
I used them to make this wine cork mirror frame.
 I had some left over to make a small  message board too.
Both for our little getaway in North Carolina.
Smoky Mountain Cabbage


  1. Hi Rita, your wine bottle border is fascinating! Probably a good thing not to let the neighbors see--hehe! And you are quite crafty with the corks! My sister (who for some reason knows these things) tells me that corks aren't being used so much now for wine bottles. Maybe it is scarce? Not sure. Enjoy your creations! Linda

  2. hiya , loved your bottle border and lovin these too , thanks for the excuse to open another bottle (not that i needed one , tee hee hee ) tfs

  3. What a smart gal you are...that looks so good..love it! Love those pancakes too! ;D

  4. Wow,this is amazing! Such a creative way to use those wine corks and I love how you displayed them in the tiered stand in those yellow bowls.Visiting from Open House Party. Great post!Thanks for sharing.~Poppy


  5. Creative idea. I have a big collection on wine corks too, with a project in mind.

  6. I am LOVIN' the cork border on the mirror, Rita! I've been collecting them recently, but don't have near the number you had! I may have to start having a friendly bartender friend start saving some for me. I sure don't like those cheesy plastic ones that are so prevalent these days! :-) Sue

  7. Hi Rita! Love the cork mirror and message board you created. The three tier bowls and stand is wonderful too. Thank you for joining my party this week.

  8. I love the mirror, and the wine bottle border was great also. I always keep my bottles thinking I'll do something with them but I never do, you've given me some inspiration.

  9. Love your cork message board. Your projects turn out so great.

  10. How unique-love the cute cork frames-very crafty!!

  11. Some good ideas there. I have a HUGE box of them. We have friends with a vineyard so I can get bags of them. I want to make a table top with them. Any advice? Stop over my blog and leave me a note. New follower here too !! Happy Monday Jules ♥

  12. Thanks for the idea. We're amending your idea into plant markers (insert bottle bottom up into ground, paste on plant id ie "peas planted 4-1-11).
    Happy Memorial Day.

  13. I save them even though I don't drink wine ... sometimes at functions the bartender will save them for me and I pick them up before leaving the event.

    Not sure what I will do with them - but recently saw a wire/metal birdcage and thought it a good way to display the corks. Hmmmm