Saturday, August 20, 2011

15-Minute Iced Tea

I love ice tea and we drink a lot of it.
Most of the time I have tea leftover in
my teapot that has cooled.
I use that for iced tea. But that doesn't
keep up with the demand in the summer.
That's when I need to brew a big Pyrex jug
of tea. But that takes a while to cool. 
If you pour it over ice too soon, the ice melts
 and I get watered down iced tea....not good.
So, I've found a short-cut.
Fill the container with only 2 C of boiling water
 and the usual amount of tea bags. I use two
tagless bags. Then let it steep for about
10 minutes until it's nice and dark. Give it
 a stir then remove the tea bags.
That keeps it from getting bitter.
Here you can add 2-6 T sugar if you like.
More if you really like sweet tea.
Stir to dissolve the sugar.
I don't use sugar anymore.
Now, fill the container the rest of the
way with cold water, about 6 C.
Stir tea and pour into ice filled glasses.
As easy as boiling water.
Cost per 1/2 gallon of iced tea is 2-4 cents!!
Cost per 1/2 gallon if you buy ready made tea
is $2.59!! versus 4¢
Big Savings Tip
Always buy tagless bags.
100 tagless teabags = $1.59
(sometimes on sale for  99 cents)
100 taged teabags = $3.09
Why are you paying as much for tags as
for the tea? CRAZY!
Even better when you get BOGO.
then I get 200 teabags for about $1.00.
Save big bucks!
Spend it on something more tea, 
not more tags.




  1. I always learn such amazing things from you! Yesterday I used your advice on removing wine bottle labels....worked like a charm. I am doing a border of bottles in my back yard! You are one clever lady!

  2. Love this idea. I am making some now. Thanks, Marty

  3. Those are the instructions in the iced tea bags I buy!
    Have you ever tried Black Currant? Love it!
    I buy it online now from Harney & Sons. So good!
    Thanks for sharing....btw, does the caffeine bother you or is it just my age?! LOL

  4. We don't drnk iced tea....I know, we are weird. I am hooked on Caffeine free, diet soda and my hubby just drinks water. This does look yummy though. I should make some. Thanks for the tips! XO, Pinky

  5. Oh Rita May, I always get the most wonderful ideas from you and this tea is another...great tip, I'll make it right away! Lots of hugs, FABBY

  6. It sounds so yummy, but I'm lazy and use an ice tea maker. Where do you get the tagless tea bags? I don't remember seeing them in the store except for specialty teas.
    Thanks for the tip and I'll remember it in case our tea maker konks out. :)