Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Organizing Ornaments

I have a few favorite ways 
 to organize my Christmas ornaments.
 I like to use plastic bins that have cardboard dividers.
 I use coffee filters to cushion each ornament.
 Then I add another layer.
 I label the boxes, some are for the
Living Room Tree, some Family Room Tree.

 I use tennis cans for all kinds of storage.
 (see more uses HERE HERE, and HERE.) 
They work great for small things, they are
 unbreakable, see-thru and free. 
 I can store dozens in a bin.
 Keeps everything sorted, and visible.
 I use egg cartons for the smaller ornaments.
The Waterford ornaments each have their
own velvet pouch.
They are kept in this red tin,
My smaller family room decorations are
stored in these 3 tiered organizers.
Each has divided sections.
This basket contains all the heart ornaments.
I can use those for Valentine's Day as well.
They stack and fit inside this large
 Longaberger basket.
Another basket with 2 tiered sectional inserts.
Bottom tier on another one.
I flip the Christmas liners inside and store
The baskets on top of the armoire in the Family room.
Some family room tree ornaments get sorted,
 wrapped and put into cookie tins
by category. All the tins can be stored
on shelves in the,
 'I wish I had a real' attic.
It's more of a crawl space up there.
 They can also be put into a very large bin
Once emptied, I use the tins under the
 tree for decoration too.
"What goes up must come down"



  1. Wow, I just took down all my decorations and packed them away yesterday but now I feel like getting them out again and doing it properly!! Oh dear, more work!

  2. AMAZINGLY great ideas!! I do not do ANY of these but I shall now! Thanks for sharing your gift of organization.

  3. Hi!
    I am visiting from Sherry's No Minimalist Here Open House. I was fortunate enough to be one of her open houses too!

    Your blue transferware is lovely. I have that same red and white quilt in your other post. I live in Asheville NC in the Blue Ridge Mountains. I see you have another blog about the Smokey Mountains. Do you live anywhere near Asheville? I also saw some palm trees in the open you live in Fl? I used to live in Naples, Fl.

    Nice to meet you! Hope you stop by my blog for a visit, when you have time.

  4. A new follower, like your storage idea, I like to organize mine also. With our move half of the christmas was in storage, but i did get my favorites out. Hope you will drop by Di

  5. Rita, I'm busy taking down my tree tonight, but taking a break now and then to visit some blogs. ;-) I've got mine all organized and in boxes with dividers, but I like the basket idea. Then the baskets can stay out all year and be enjoyed for their own beauty. Great idea!

  6. I especially love the plastic tubs with dividers - *smack forehead* - coffee filters, OF COURSE!! Great ideas - and I love the comment by A Sense of Design. I had the same desire to re-do mine, too! LOL Lovely blog, thanks!

  7. I did the same thing...smack forehead...over the coffee filters, what a great idea!!! Been using paper napkins, that's expensive!!! Really love the tennis ball containers!!!

  8. Wow, you are an organizing goddess! I really enjoyed seeing all your great ideas!

  9. The heat in a "real" attic can damage ornaments, I know this from experience. I love your ideas for storage. I will be using some of them.


  10. I love your idea of using coffee filters, it's practical and also very pretty!
    Best wishes for a happy Friday sends you Carola from Boxwood Cottage in Germany

  11. Hi Rita, Your storage ideas are great. All mine are all packed away but I'll bookmark this post for next year. I to like the basket idea, I'm out of storage room and the baskets could do double duty, storage and decorate. Love your playlist! Happy to meet you………
    Happy New Year……….

    The French Hutch

  12. Graciousness...

    Your amazing lady! I am so pendatic (I thought?) but you are more than what I am, for sure.

    TY a mill for sharing your sweet ideas. I guess, I will sort out my ornaments too.

    Happy NY to you all...

    Wishes from Stockholm,

  13. Great organizing ideas. I have many Longaberger baskets (100 plus) and never thought to use them for storing and organizing!..

    I am a new follower!!! Your backyard view looks like neighborhoods I know in South Florida..I am a South Florida transplant currently in Chapel Hill, NC now.

    Happy New Year and looking forward to your posts!

  14. LOVE the coffee filter idea AND the tennis ball holders. Wish I had access to the tennis ball tubes:( I guess you play alot of tennis???? I would even BUY some if I could find them! Thanks for sharing your ideas! XO, Pinky

  15. Wow, Rita, what great ideas!! coffee filters and egg cartons, who knew...I'm ashamed and no one will see my stash. thanks for linking up to VIF! xo

  16. I love your idea of using coffee filters to cushion the ornaments. And I often pass up old tins at the thrift store because I don't know what to do with them - now I know I can use them for Christmas storage. Thanks for the inspiration and have a happy new year!

  17. Thanks for sharing your fabulous storage organization. It is truly inspiring!

  18. I enjoyed seeing your organization! Glad to see someone who has more Christmas decor tubs than I do!! LOL!

    Enjoyed browsing thru your lovely blog! I subscribed, and I'm now a Follower!

    Happy New Year!


    P.S. - We're in FL too (Palm Coast) I'm not sure where Weston is!

  19. Great organizing ideas Rita...Everything looks nice and safe for storage until next Christmas. Thanks for sharing. Have a beautiful day.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  20. What great organizations! Every piece looks so well-tended and safely nestled for their long rest! Are you this organized with everything??? Is it too late for me to make a New Year's resolution??????

  21. Yay for organization! love how you did it all. the tennis ball holders are such a fabulous idea! xoox, tracie

  22. This is the best Christmas organizational post that I've seen. And, I do believe you have as many storage containers as I do. I'm glad I'm not alone! ;o)

  23. Rita, you have organization down to a science. Dear hubby thinks his paper boxes are our best way, but I don't care for them. Maybe next year, I will go for some of your ideas.
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  24. Thanks for sharing your great organizing tips for taking down the Christmas decor!

  25. Love some of your creative ideas for storage.
    Thanks for sharing.

  26. HOLY COW!! Great ideas for packing up the Christmas treasures. I'm going to start saving egg cartons again! Thanks, great post.

  27. Oh, yay!! Our tree is coming down this weekend, and all our ornaments need to be reorganized. I love that you have multiple systems for different types of ornaments - so versatile. Thank you!!

  28. Coffee filters! So much easier than rolling each ornament in it's own napkin. Have the green storage divided boxes, but thought more was needed. You are so s.m.a.r.t, thank you.

    Just found your blog and I'm here to stay!

  29. Rita, You are so organized!! I bet you would fall over if you saw my messy Christmas bins.

  30. I'm so glad that I have not put our stuff away. I am going to use some of these great ideas. I love the coffee filter idea and the cookie tins! Thank you for sharing! :)

    Happy New Year!

  31. Holy Moly! I counted 29 tubs! That is a LOT to take down and put up, but your home is so lovely and I'm glad you do!! I love the idea of using the tennis cans, I should have a bunch of those. The fact that they are clear is a real bonus!

  32. I like your ideas for storage. Funny I thought I had a lot of decorations, but now I can tell my husband he is so lucky, I only have about half that amount! But you do have a lovely home and it looks a lot larger than mine. I have been downsizing for the past few years, one day it will be just the tree and nothing more, well maybe not.