Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Table Linen Storage

I store most of my table linens in this antique pie safe.
 It has punched tin sides. I bought it at a Centerville Ohio Antiques Show in the 70's.
 It has great storage and is not too deep. I've used it as a kitchen pantry before moving to Florida.
The top shelves hold small tablecloths and palcemats.

I've labeled the shelves so that I know which are square and which are round.

Placemats are bundled in sets and folded in half.

Some of my napkin rings fit into tennis cans.

I tuck them between sets. 

Larger tablecloths and table runners are on the bottom.

Some of my napkin rings in sets in tennis cans.
My napkins are stored in basket bins in my sofa table. I'll show those in my next post.
My holiday things are in the holiday bins stored in the garage.
Oh, to have room to organize and store everything in one area! A fantasy!



  1. What a clever idea to store your napkins rings in tennis ball cans.

    I LOVE organizing and you are very organized. My linen closet has been converted to a dish closet and my vintage linens are stored here, there and everywhere, lol!



  3. I love this cabinet! It is perfect to store all of your table linens. And how clever to use tennis ball cans to store your napkins rings. It is so easy to see everything at a glance and easy to get to all of your linens. Mine are spread all over the house and none are near the dining room or kitchen.

  4. You have everything stored perfectly.. I admire your organizational skills.
    Yours is definately a great sample to go by when I begin to organize my own..


  5. Rita...I love the tennis can storage idea!! Fabulous idea! Yes you can order 6 of one color and 6 of another of my napkin rings..however you want to mix it up will work for me. Thanks for coming by and leaving me such a nice compliment on my napkin ring ideas.


  6. What a great idea for storing napkin rings! Your linen collection is fabulous...

  7. Dang girl! You have a lot of linens! I love how you keep them organized!

  8. Wow, what an organised cupboard, I like how you keep your napkin rings!

  9. You are so organized, and you have a wonderful collection of table linens. That idea of using a tennis ball can for your napkin rings is sheer genius!

  10. I love your organization! I am also an organizing addict, but I never thought of the tennis can idea! We have plenty of those around here, but I've never repurposed them! I label my shelves too. So good to know I am not the only one! :) Linda

  11. Thanks for sharing this wonderful storage with us! I've been pondering how to store my (ahem) growing collection of table linens. They are overflowing my current storage!

  12. Great post! Love the organization!

  13. You've made a wonderful show piece of your linen storage. The tennis cans for your napkin rings is a great idea! My linens consume two closets and numerous drawers in several chests. Still, it is such a blessing to have them. Thank you for sharing your linen treasures. Cherry Kay

  14. Seeing your armoire with all your table linens and napkin rings has given me an idea. Maybe I can get rid of the bookcase unit we've had for about 20 years and replace it with a nice armoire where I can store all my tablecloths, linen napkins and napkin rings and maybe extra china that is packed in garage. Now to convince DH of my idea!

    Our son loaned me his Brother's P-Touch is one we gave him a few Christmas ago and he couldn't locate the manual. I have been trying to reach Brothers today, ended up speaking to somebody that said he was in Dominican Republic. The Tenn. office must be closed till Monday. Oh, I can download the manual but it's 104 pages. I told my son where I think his partner would have kept the manual. He said he'd come over and show me how to operate it. He lives 47 miles away, so don't think it will be anytime soon. LOL!

  15. I so wish you could come here and help me. I am trying to get all my Christmas away, THAT is very organized but I am also trying to clean out all the closets to get the house ready for daughter and SIL moving in! I could use some of your expertise!!!!!!!!! XO, Pinky

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