Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tennis Cans, reuse to organize! 1001 uses

I play lots of tennis, so I have lots of empty tennis ball cans. I also get more from my club, because you can never have too many to use for organizing everything! They are great. They are unbreakable, free, transparent, so you don't need to label them, and you are recycling. They can be used in the garage, kitchen, car, bathroom, gym bag, craft area, office, boat, RV, etc.. If you don't have any, get them from any tennis club. They open a box at a time and just throw out the cans. Here are just a few uses.

Great storage above the garage workbench. They hold: extension cords, brackets, cable ties, small tools, steel wool, etc. You get the idea!
store picnic ware

Store lots of craft  supplies, shells, corks, buttons and bows. Larry built these shelves using 1X4's. These are in the garage. You can build shelves between studs too. More ideas in the future. I actually find this fun to do. 

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  1. These are great! I don't play tennis and didn't realize tennis balls came in transparent containers.

  2. I'm strolling thru your blog and finding more and more great ideas! The tennis cans are a great and good looking solution to stuff and clutter...wish I had about 3 dozen for my craft room. Looks like I'm going to be checking sources out. Thanks for another little design

  3. LOVE thid idea ~ especially for the garage!

  4. Rita, those tennis can do have a lot of uses..I assume you and hubby play a lot of tennis or you might ask others to save them for you? Can empty tennis cans be purchased somewhere? I'm finding I can use the Crystal Light beverage mixes container for storage too. I keep pens, highlighters in them. Remove the cellopane wrapper from the container and you've got a fairly clear see through container. Your tennis cans hold a lot more though but thought I'd pass this tip along. Guess you can call it:recycle, recycle, recycle!