Thursday, July 3, 2014

Red ~ The Color For July

It seems that almost every month has it's 
'color'. A color that when added to my
 home brings in a little of the season 
or holiday. Red seems to make an 
appearance more than any other; 
July (Independence Day),
December (Christmas) and of
course, February (Valentine's Day).
 I just pop a few red dishes into the 
chicken feeder plate rack.
 Add a few red cups to the hooks in the cupboard.
 Mix and match. Red, White, and Blue.
I couldn't find a wall to hang the flag
chalkboard, so I just hung it from a
 cabinet door that stores some extra
dishes I use for another month.
Pop the  printable in the white frame.
Take a break and bake a loaf of
Cinnamon Swirl Quick Bread. 
Tweak the counter tray.
 Navy and white checked quilt.
Add the red, white and blue afghans.
 Bring out the red tea set.
 A USA sweater for the bear that sits
on a shutter on the sofa table.
That's the red vintage scale I've used
 in other 'red' holidays.
 A bouquet of flags. I've been making scrap
fabric balls and adding them as I finish. 
And if all else fails, make a pot of tea!
(and have a slice of cinnamon bread while it's still warm.)


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  1. You are right about red showing up a lot in July, but I like it any time for its energy and happy vibe.

  2. I love your approach of sprinkling in the thematic decor throughout your home, rather than just one spot. Each vignette is lovelier than the next. And I just love the fabric scrap balls!! Terrifc... :-) Enjoy the Fourth!!

    Lory at Designthusiasm

  3. Gorgeous, I totally love this setting with all the red and blue dishes! I love the Onion pattern and transferware dishes, all my very fave. Lovely vignettes, Rita May, so warm and festive. You've inspired me to make a Little patriotic vignette for my kitchen.
    Happy 4th. celebration!

  4. All of your vignettes and other touches are wonderful Love those teapots!

  5. Love your patriotic touches and the cinnamon swirl bread sounds wonderful with a cuppa. xo

  6. Everything that you've done has brought a smile to my face. Have a safe 4th.
    Sam @

  7. I love the transferware plates. The blue and red are perfect for July. Add a flag or two and the patriotism just beams!! Love it!