Thursday, June 28, 2012

Patriotic Scrap Fabric Wreath

What am I going to make out of these items?
A white t-shirt, a red knit top, a denim blouse
You probably guessed it.
A patriotic fabric scrap wreath.
 I cut the fabric into strips. 
 Two layers at a time is easier.
 Cut off any trim and use it to give 
the project some variety of texture.
 I just cut,then fold and cut in half or thirds
until I have a pile of each color.
 I cut off the button placket and the collar 
to use for something else. Let's see...
 I think the collar would make a cute
 doggie scarf. Unfortunately my fur babies
 are too small, so I decorated a small basket.
 Fill with picnic/patio items.
Cocktail Napkins
 The button strip could trim a lampshade.
 I just pinned this in place.
 Or, it could replace the bow around a plant.
Just pinned in place.
.......but, I digress!
 Back to the wreath. Bend a wire hanger into
 a circle. Tie on the scraps alternating the 
red and white. Push tightly together.
Tie the denim in the upper left quarter.
 Once you have the fabric cut,
 this would be a good project for kids.
Give new life to a stained t-shirt, 
a faded top, and a torn shirt. 



  1. Great!! I love this!! I have a ton of denim and am always using it in different ways. Love that wreath idea and may well use that with my grandchildren!

  2. I love your wreath! And, I especially love all the things you did with the trim pieces. Very clever!!

  3. How adorable! Just perfect for July 4th and you are so clever with the left over trim pieces.

  4. What great ideas ! Love the raggy wreath - might need to try that one!

    thanks for sharing,

  5. Oh lots of good ideas in this post - where is my scissors!

  6. Cute ideas! I love the looks like it would be fun to do with kids!