Thursday, October 2, 2014

Fall Faith Farm Finds

We needed to take our van in for service and 
they were able to get the work done if we 
could come back in in an hour or two. 
Well, my favorite thrift store was just 
up the road so, yes we'll be back as soon 
as we get the call that it's ready.
Here are all the fun Fall things I found.
 A large turkey platter.
 I'll use it to add color to the back of 
the stovetop in November.
 2 fall-adorned votive candles.
 Miscellaneous pieces of vintage blue and
orange china that I'll display in my antique
glass front china cabinet for fall.
 I love orange with blue.
 Covered oval dish
 Pretty scalloped gold leaf edge and handle.
 The inside has the flowers too.
 Oval platter that I can use with the sugar
and creamer in the first photo.
 Something for Valentine's Day.
 A very large painted pottery bowl
signed on the bottom by the potter
 Couldn't pass up cowboy boots for $3.75.
 A Valentine's mug to add to my collection 
and a string of red wooden beads.
 Yeah! My first find of Americana mugs for
 my 4th of July and beyond decor.
Frames for 50¢, wood, stone and pearl. 
It was 25% discount Wednesday. 
All these goodies for a grand total
"donation" of $36. Perfectly timed
on the way out with a call from the repair
shop. Unfortunately no discount there.
Happy to have my goodies.



  1. Gorgeous finds Rita May! I love the platter and covered bowl for Tksgiving the best! Everything else is great too. You did terrific my friend!

  2. Beautiful finds, Rita! I especially loved the covered bowl and the pottery did well! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Score x 10! What a thrill to go thrifting with you one time! lol! Those dishes are beautiful, and I love the turkey platter.

  4. Wow good score and those blue and orange bowls look pricey too.have a good week.Susie

  5. You found yourself some great fall finds. Love the blue and orange bowls. Hope you can find the time to share over at the monthly Sunday's Best party!