Monday, March 23, 2015

Days Of The Week Embroidered Kitchen Towels

I found these cute hand embroidered kitchen 
towels at a crafts booth in North Carolina.
The "traditional chores" of the week.
I've been displaying a new towel
each day in the kitchen. 
They are just for fun. 
Monday - Washing
Tuesday - Ironing
Wednesday - Cleaning
Thursday - Marketing
Friday - Baking
 Saturday - Mending
Sunday - Day of Rest and Church.
Seems like a good schedule, though I 
would switch a few of the days; 
Wednesday - mending, Friday - cleaning, 
and Saturday - baking. If I were
that organized. But where is my
Tennis towel? 


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  1. Oh, I love these dish towels! My mother always made them. I got some for my granddaughters. They really liked them.


  2. We had some very like these when I was growing up. My Gram had made them for us (and probably for all four of her daughters) and they we so cheerful.

  3. Those are wonderful Rita!


  4. I love the Raggedy Ann! These are adorable with a nice touch of nostalgia. No one seems to take the time to hand embroider anymore. Its nice to see an old craft still in use.

  5. what an awesome find thanks for sharing have a great day