Thursday, December 20, 2012

More Kitchen Cheer

Continuing from my last post, there are a 
few more areas in my kitchen that have 
gotten a little Christmas cheer.
 The hot beverage station got mugged!
 A Longaberger sleigh basket holds cocoa
 packets in the back along with my whisk
 and coffee filters in the front.
 My little thrifted cream pitcher and the 
canister storing  tea bags.
Christmas mugs have become an obsession. 
Last year I used several as 'gift bags'.
I start using the Christmas dishes right after
Thanksgiving. I swap out the Fall dishes and
 bring in two sets; Longaberger Holly
and Spode Christmas Tree.
 I linded the back of the cabinet again like 
I did last year, this time using a large
white snowflake pattern on red.
 I saved the cut out trim from last year too.
 Some of my thrift store Christmas mugs
 are on the top shelf.
You can see a few more Christmas mugs
 hanging on the picket fence mug rack
in the back right side at the end.
The view over the chicken feeder dish rack
into the kitchen. My friends were easily able
to grab a plate last week at my annual 
'Tennis Girlfriend's Christmas Party'



  1. No one celebrates the season like YOU do!! I love it!!

  2. What a fun and festive look you have here. Merry Christmas to YOU!!!


  3. I love your wonderful festive collection! It would be so fun to have hot chocolate, tea or coffee at your place during the holidays! Love it!

  4. I absolutely LOVE your kitchen & how you decorate. You have given me many good ideas! You are SOOOOooooo talented!

  5. You are so clever! I will have to remember to place wrapping paper in backs of my kitchen cupboards next year! I love that!

  6. I love that you lined the back of your cabinets with Christmas paper! It adds so much color and can be swapped out so easily. And the trim makes a nice touch too. Great idea! And I have that same Longaberger basket. Love it! It looks so good in your kitchen. What a nice and welcoming area.