Sunday, September 22, 2013

Painted Red Wood Tote

I've been working on this PhD. 
Project Half Done.
Last year I made a sketch of a tote that I 
wanted and Larry cut the pieces out of
our supply of scrap wood. 
The pieces were nailed together and then.....
I couldn't decide what color to paint it,
 so it waited patiently in the holding area
a.k.a. garage until this year.
Now I'm seeing red. So red it is!  My color
for September. How cute!  This leftover paint
is Benjamin Moore~Barn Red.
I think Christmas, Valentine's Day, July 4th,
(and really the whole summer)
could all use a happy red wood tote.
For September I filled it
with 3 small quart-size pots of mums.
They'll be easy to change out.
So many options on what to put inside;
flowers, potted plants, evergreen branches,
pinecones, dishes, large glass jars, bottles,
books, towels, wood cutting boards, and
more fun vignettes. I love wood boxes!
I'm already thinking of another one
I 'need'. Luckily we have a good supply of
 scrap wood and leftover paint.



  1. I want one just like that! I love the red and the design reminds me of a toolbox my grandfather used to have out in his workshop. I'm going to ask my dad to build me one...actually he probably has a few sitting around.

  2. So simple but what a big statement. Love it!

  3. That is perfect! You could use it for rolled towels, magazines, knitting .... I want several! Lol. Love the red.

  4. I have an antique red tool box similar to this I bought while vacationing in Ellijay, Georgia last year. Right now I have it filled with wine corks, but am changing it up for fall soon.

  5. Rita - Oh how pretty! I agree with your choice of red - there are so many holidays/seasons that red would complement, and I adore barn red. You always think of the cutest projects - you should sell some of them on your blog! Thanks for sharing - Sharon

  6. Hi Rita,
    I LOVE the red wood tote!! I love the simple design you chose, as well as the great shade of red!! Can't wait to see how you use it in other posts!

  7. Adorable tote and red is my favorite décor color! Awesome job! :)

  8. I also love these tool boxes. Have been collecting them this year. Just bought one that was unpainted so....I am so copying yours. Thanks for the color!