Friday, June 20, 2014

Finding Furniture For Projects

Where can you find furniture for makeover 
projects? Local thrift stores are loaded 
with potential painting candidates and 
they a bargain to boot. Look at what I
spotted on my last visit. 
 Here's a great cabinet that would look fab 
as is, or painted. Can you believe that
 it's only $55! Hello!
Lots of storage and great hardware.
 Another one just begging to be painted
 and loved. $59!
 Great coffee table that only needed 
a polish. $22
This would look great in a breakfast area
 for $69. There was also a matching table and
 6 chairs for $120 and if you bought both,
they would reduce the price even further. 
 A nice $20 bar height cafe table.
 A a solid oak vintage desk, $49.
Lots of mirrors for $15-$20.
You could repurpose this shuttered TV 
armoire for clothes storage, craft storage
 or a pantry...only $79.
Great buffet for $39.
OK, I couldn't resist buying something small.
This buffet/cabinet/sofa/entry was only
$25. May take it to North Carolina or paint
it and find a spot for it. If all else fails I can
easily sell it for more on Craigslist. 
This was all found at Faith Farm Ministries, 
a very worthy charity. This was the same 
day I found all the silver plate chargers
and other kitchen goodies from my 
previous post (click on blue words)
 As if thrifting isn't fun enough, the store is
 just minutes from Fort Lauderdale beach.
So that's where we headed next.
A couple of hours at the beach and
the surf temperature was divine!



  1. looks like you saw a lot of great stuff! and had a little fun in the sun too. ;)

  2. Rita - Oh my goodness you have wonderful thrift stores in your area! I totally swoon over those china hutches being repainted. I'm so into repurposing old items! I would've had to rent a U-Haul for all the goodies! Have a great weekend!

  3. Wow, what great finds, and the prices were fantastic! But that beach was much more


  4. Oh I like the buffet piece you purchased - it has just enough style to be both versatile and eclectic. I cannot wait to see what you do to it.

  5. That piece you purchased is my favorite! I would take the beach any day! Thank you for linking with Home Sweet Home!