Sunday, February 2, 2014

Valentine's Day Mugs

I always start decorating for each
holiday with my morning coffee.
I must have my morning coffee in a mug that
gets me in the new holiday's mood. 
So I gave the coffee station a new look. 
 I brought out all the Valentine's mugs.
The white enamel pot with red trim is for
making hot chocolate. It has a built in frother
attached under the lid. Just pump the knob.
Frothy hot chocolate sounds good too!
I hung more mugs on the picket fence mug
 rack. I found a few new old ones thrifting
this past year for 25¢! 
 As I've said before, that's cheaper than a
bag of disposable cups and they are so much
 cuter too. I mixed the Valentine mugs with
a few monogram mugs.
To the top shelf I added a Valentine's basket
 by Longaberger, two larger Hallmark mugs
 (again 25¢ each), cute cupcake liners in jars,
a heart shaped cake pan and lots of heart
cookie cutters in the large glass canister
with the red bow.
The corner of the kitchen island has
4 red Longaberger mugs.
The red and white hearts German mugs by
Waechtersbach that I've had for many years
were put on a cabinet shelf.
A morning ahhhhhh!


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  1. You have a lot of cute coffee mugs. They look great for Valentine's Day. Nothing like a warm mug of coffee to give love to yourself love in the AM. I love coffee!

  2. So cute! Your mugs add such a bright and festive flair.

  3. I LOVE your mug collection! It is perfect for Valentine's, and makes your kitchen look warm and welcoming! I'll be right over for a cup of that hot chocolate! Yum!! Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  4. So cute! I love all your holiday mugs.
    Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  5. I find a lot of joy in holiday decorating! I love your collection of mugs! It seems to energize my spirit, too!

  6. Ok ok, I am swoooooooooning!! I love coffee and tea and mugs and red so this post is heavenly---I thought that hot chocolate cooker was a turkish coffee pot---anyways I like it! along with everything else!

  7. What a fun collection of mugs!! I don't drink coffee or tea but there is just something about mugs that say comfort!

  8. All of your mugs are very cute. You've inspired me to begin a collection! You have very unique and beautiful ideas - thank you for sharing!