Sunday, February 16, 2014

IKEA Bargain

I found this little woven cotton rug at 
IKEA last week. 
(this is new)
 I wanted to show you before I packed up 
all my Valentine's decor this weekend. 
(Is it ok if I eat now?)
It's for the floor by the kitchen sink. 
I change the rugs there at least monthly. 
There's a little stack of them on a shelf 
in the garage. This one is 22"x32' and
they all must be machine-washable.
(ok, don't mind me)
 It gives the kitchen a farmhouse feel. 
(say good-bye for me)
A great bargain price too. Only $2.99.
There were several color combinations. 
I also grabbed the pink one for Easter/Spring.

(and Lucy says good-bye!)

*See what else I found HERE.


  1. I like rugs by the kitchen sink, too. Just found your blog and I am enjoying it so much. xo

  2. Cute rug, and I have noticed so many options at IKEA. Do you use one of those rug grippers under it?

  3. The stripes and the colors in the rug are so pretty and what a wonderful price:) Your post inspires me to pay a visit to that store! Beautiful header the gorgeous collection of blue and white plates you have. Have a lovely week! Hugs, Poppy

  4. Would you believe it but I have never been to Ikea! It's a pretty far distance for me, but I must say that red is ever so cute, and it does have a farmhouse vibe! My Valentine's decor is still up, didn't it just end a few days ago....gosh I'm not as quick as you, want to come over and help me out?

  5. I love that you change out your rugs. I change out my dish towels.

    Great to have you at Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  6. Now that's a deal!!! Thanks for sharing at NTT.