Monday, June 25, 2012

Mug Shots and Chocolate Chip Muffins For June

I changed the mugs at the coffee station
just before Memorial Day.
Changed the Longaberger baskets too and
 added their Patriotic liners. The small 
round  basket holds the coffee filters.
 Red, white and blue Longaberger mugs.
 A divided basket insert holds my
(use it everyday) frother, napkins 
along with picnic forks and straws.
Ahh!....let's get to the muffins.
 And lets have some coffee to go with them.
 One for me and one for Larry, maybe two.
 Still warm and chock full of chocolate chips. 
I think anything with chocolate chips is so
all-American. Yummy!


  1. Very cute and your muffins looks yummy!!
    Have a wonderful night!

    I'm having my very first blog giveaway if you would like to stop by, I would be delighted to have you!

    Aledia @ Plum Perfect

  2. I'll take one muffin and a hot cuppa coffee please!!! Love your coffee bar!!

  3. Me too, I'll take a muffin and a cuppa coffee on a red mug please!!!!!! I love the patriotic basket, so cute! Have a great week dear Rita May.

  4. They do look good and I adore those tea-cups.

  5. Adorable! I'll be right over for a latte and a muffin! Have a wonderful day!

  6. Sweet post! Makes me want a muffin and another cup of coffee! I liked your idea of using a coke box for table things a few posts back. I have a Dr Pepper box I am going to use on our camper table. You have such great ideas!

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  8. I love your teacups!! The muffins look pretty yummy, too.

  9. Tell the truth, Rita....did you stick to just one muffin? :-) C' can tell us! :-) I would think I would have to eat AT LEAST 2!!! This is a great 4th of July display. I especially love the way you displayed the red, white & blue mugs!

  10. Cute post! Happy 4th of July, Rita. ~ Sarah

  11. Any muffins left for a visitor? Chocolate chip is my favorite, and the setting is perfect! I still like my Longaberger baskets too, and you did a great job using yours. Happy 4th! ~Zuni

  12. You done a great job.

    I am drooling with your muffins. Looks delish. Your setting is a cutie.

    Happy w/end.

  13. Love the red, white and blue mugs. The muffins look delicious!

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