Tuesday, August 23, 2011

List Making-10 Reasons To Do It. (and a printable)

I'm a list maker. Always have been.
I love making lists. I love crossing things off of lists.
I have at least 5 lists going at all times.
So many lists; the Honey-Do list, the grocery list,
the project list, the things to buy list,
the books to read list.
But the most important list is the daily
 Things To Do list.
I write one up every evening for the next day.

Here's a list of 10 reasons why list making is good
1. It clears your mind. Write it down
so you don't have to remember.
2. It keeps you organized.
3. It's satisfying to cross things off the list.
4. You don't forget things.
5. You know what's next.
6. You know what you need.
7. You know what you have to do.
8. You know what you want to do.
9. You know where your good ideas are.
10. You accomplish more and reduce stress.
  So here is a great idea I found at  eighteen25 .
 It's a free printable for a dry-erase framed list.

This project didn't even make my list because I did it in 2 minutes right away. 
I just used a marker to write on the glass. 
Then use a damp paper towel to erase and make a new list for the next day.
 I'll find a better frame later. 
Maybe spray a thrifty frame. 
I'll put that on the list.

download printable list ThingsToDo8x10 

A list of my lists.

1. Things To Do Today: 
 I always write that one up every evening for the next day. On this list go the things leftover from the previous list. Always start the day with a fresh list. Cross things off as you go, even if you are going to
throw out that list. Crossing things off is very satisfying.
2. Grocery list: 
I think everyone does this (I hope),
plus menu list for the week of what I want to cook and bake.
3. Shopping list: 
A general list of things I need to buy.
That's where I put Home Depot, Walmart/Target,
 Sam's/Costco, gifts to buy, etc.
4. Yard List: 
What needs to be done in the yard, never-ending. 
5. Project List:
What I'm working on. What I want to start. 

More lists:
1. Things I want to sell on Craigslist
2. Christmas list
3. Places to see/visit on trips
4. Things to pack (for a trip)
5. What needs to be done before leaving on vacation.
6. What needs to be done when we get back.
7. Movies to rent/see
8. Books to read
9. House projects & maintenance & cleaning.
10. Craft projects

Do not ask Larry how he feels about my lists.
 He has no lists. 
He's listless!

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  1. I KNEW you were a list maker!! No one could be as organized as you are without one!

  2. Mine is printing as I write!

  3. Your list of reasons to make lists in right on, but still, I'm not a list maker, and I should be. Maybe I'm not to old to pick up the habit.

  4. I love lists...if we forgot something at the store, it is because it wasn't on the list! And yes, I love to cross items off the list, too!! This is an awesome idea...going to go print one...right now! Thank you :)

  5. "He's listless"...HA!!!! That cracked me up!!!! I make lists too but I ahve to say not as many as you BUT now I will make MORE lists:):) You are right about the satisfaction of crossing things off the lIST! Thanks for this. I kinda lost my mojo lately and I think some lists will get me goin again! XO, Pinky

  6. I printed off your "Things to do" printable and I'm sure I have a extra old 8x10 frame around here to put it in. What a great idea! I tested one of my dry erase markers on smaller glass frame and wiped it off with a damp paper towel. It works! You've sold me on that idea..now do you find that any one color of dry erase markers is best?Do they make a black dry erase marker? It looks like that might be best to use. Mine are colored and old so they may have dried up a bit.