Monday, November 21, 2011

10 "House Things" I Can't Live Without

I enjoyed reading Joan's list of 10 things at
 For The Love Of A House
 and picked up a few of her good ideas. 
We all have our favorite little "house-y" things.
 Here's a list of ten things I can't live without:
1. P-touch labeler
 pantry labels
 spice labels
 light switches, shelves, drawers...everything
gets a label!
2. Coffee frother
for our cappuccino-style morning Joe.
 I even travel with this.
3. Downy fabric softener April fresh
 I've always used dryer sheets in the past,
but now that I have a front load washer
this has changed my laundry. 
Just fill the liquid softener dispenser cup.
 Everything is soft, fluffy and smells fresh.
4. Cuban (Bar) Mop
I don't buy disposables. I have a basket full of
old kitchen and hand towels for cleaning.
Just drop the cloth on the floor and flip it over
the bar mop and I'm set to clean.
Wash, rinse, repeat,
then toss in the washer. The best mop!
Good for outside window washing too.
Click HERE for my wash formula.
5. Cast iron skillet
Essential for getting a good sear on steaks or
 browning pork chops, burgers  and chicken.
6. Pyrex brownie pan with snap on lid
 I bake homemade brownies every week.
(OK twice a week) 
This snap on cover keeps them fresh.
7. Wonda hooks
 It's the only thing I use to hang the 9,000
things on my walls.
They are strong and only makes small holes.
The flat disk holds the nail at just the right
 angle and keeps it in place.
8. Turntables
They are everywhere; in bathroom cabinets,
kitchen cabinets, laundry room cabinets,
garage cabinets and in the refrigerator.
9.  Special wine bottle opener
It has a unique way to remove a cork easily.
Larry loves this opener. Me too.
10. Light timers
They are hidden everywhere.
For the living room and entry. 
Who wants to come home to a dark house?
If any of these items went MIA,
I'd have to run out and get another ASAP.


See why I love lists HERE.

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  1. What a fun post! I have lots of favourites around the house that I can't live without either.

  2. hi Rita May! Loved your list and thank you for the shout-out! I'm a big wonda hanger fan, cast iron is the best and love light timers! I just might have to try your coffee frother- especially if you take it on vacation with you it must be great! Thank you for sharing your list! Love it!


    p.s. I'm working on another list too- things that I use on occassion but they are worthy of a post!

  3. I loved your post as well as Joan's original one. I love the things that we can learn from one another. I didn't know about Wonda hooks. And I'm just going to have to get a coffee frother, too.

  4. Super post. I love all of your labels, you are totally organized. I use those light timers too. Love them. Thanks tons for joining TTT and Happy Thanksgiving. Hugs, Marty

  5. Great post love the turn tables and the cuban mop! Can't wait to get a coffee frother :] I have only been following your blog for a few months, I found you through pinterest and really look forward to your new posts. Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving.

    PS where do you get the wonda hooks?

  6. Fun to see your favourites!


  7. Great post, Rita. I've never seen the Wonda hooks, but they look intriguing. I have a couple timers I'm not utilizing and I realized how crazy that is. I'm going to rectify that this weekend. And the frother sounds like a winner...I'm thinking it might make it to my Christmas wishlist this year.

  8. A labeler is going on my Wish List. We could use it many places. You and others have given me many uses for one..Maybe I'll borrow the one we gave our son a few years ago and try his out and see if I like his but I like yours. Have to find one that is user friendly for label dummies!

  9. I want your label maker, and I have your brownie dish. Maybe I should do this for Christmas???

  10. Came over from Kim's, great post. I have to try that Mop! And funny, I just bought those hooks this week but haven't tried them, good to know they work! Have a great Thanksgiving!
    We hope you will stop by Magnolia Lane if you have a chance--we are giving away cute Christmas Pillows this week!

  11. My daughter/blog partner and I posted our list last week. Here it is

  12. 9000 things on my walls...that made me laugh. :) My husband was just talking about all the stuff I've hung up. I need to try those little things!

  13. That mop is awesome! What a simple idea!

  14. ... where did you find that Cuban mop? It's wonderful!

  15. Cuban mops are found in most south Florida grocery stores and Home Depot. Check on google. They are cheap and last forever. It works like a Swiffer, dry mop or use wet towels. It's the easiest way to mop!
    They cost between $2-$6 You can also make one with two wood poles.

  16. OOOH! I am adding that coffee frother to my Christmas wish list RIGHT NOW! :) You have a beautiful blog!

    So nice to 'meet' you today! I blog at "Only A Breath" and would love for you to stop by and visit :)


  17. I have never heard of a cuban mop but have always used an industrial mop handle and put an old towel in the holder. I think I would like to find one of these!

  18. We use the wanda hooks too. My hubby is a computer specialist so has programmed almost all of the lights in the house to come on and off at certain times. I joke that sometimes it is like living in the fun house:):) I am BUYING 2 of those Pyrex brownie pans; my daughter makes brownies all the time too so I will get one for her and one for me! WISH I had a new front loading washer. My W and D are probably about 25 years old and WON'T DIE!!!!!!!!!!! I REALLY want new ones:):) Should have asked for them for Xmas! XO, Pinky

  19. I love labels too! I've never seen that mom idea before, I'm going to ask my hubby to make me one. I like that idea much better than disposable, and sponge mops gross me out. Thanks for the idea!

  20. I love your labels! I would love to have a label maker. Great list!

  21. I miss my cuban mop...Always forget to pick one up when i am down there visiting my old stomping grounds..No cuban mops in N.C. :(

    1. Thanks for the great ideas! Powdered buttermilk, how perfectly useful. And the brownie pan with snap on lid. . . sounds like a Father's Day gift to me. Great post, thanks!

  22. I found 6 turntables at a garage sale at 50 cents each. It made me think of you so I scooped them up. They aren't the pretty silver ones or the white ones, but they are already being put to good use organizing stuff. Thanks for the organizing tip. I have two of those Brother label makers, I bought one when they first came out, then later, a dear friend thought it would make perfect Christmas gift for me since I re-organize all the time. I didnt' have the heart to tell her I had one already.

  23. I love your list! I had never heard of a Cuban mop or Wonda hooks. Interesting. I may implement some of these things in my home!