Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas Mug Shots

I must, must, must have my coffee in a
Christmas mug  and Christmas music starting
the morning after Thanksgiving!
I got out all my Christmas mugs.
Put them all in one place on the kitchen 
island to decide...what goes where.
Spode-Christmas Tree,
14 of those.
 A collection of thrift store mugs,
about a dozen.
I like to use these in place of small gift bags 
for Christmas (tip) money and a little treat 
that I give out to people whose services I
 have used during the year.
 Mugs bought on after Christmas clearance
 sales, about a dozen.
 Glass snowman mugs from Crate and Barrel,
6 of those.
Longaberger-Holly mugs-8 of those.
 Colorful collection of thrifted mugs go on the 
picket fence cup/mug holder.
 Five favorites get hung on the copper mug 
rack at the coffee bar/station.
 Everything I need for coffee, tea, or 
hot cocoa. All in one place.
 Coffee filters in an ornament canister, tea 
bags in a package canister, cocoa mix in a
 Longaberger basket with Christmas liner. 
Mini marshmallows in a glass tree.
Can you put those in your coffee?
Why not!


  1. Why am I NOT surprised at all your mugs??? I have dozens myself but no one outshines YOU, my dear!!! Love how you have them displayed. I always find inspiration in your every blog post!!

  2. I can't believe how many mugs you have! I also have my morning coffee in a Christmas mug every morning. My favourite one is from Disneyland and I have been using every morning since November 1st!

    Thanks for sharing your pictures of your beverage area. I love everything!

    Best wishes,

  3. Holy Moly have some Christmas mugs. I love your hot chocolate station...very convenient!!

  4. Oh yes Rita, I'm already drinking coffee, tea and coco on Christmas mugs, I too have tons of them. I love the way you're arranged them to see them all. Thanks for sharing dear Rita, I just love the hollidays! Hugs, FABBY

  5. Seriously, you have the best collections. First I never seen so many sets of napkins rings,now you have more mugs then I have ever seen. But now you have passed on to me a new tradition. From now on I will start using my holiday mugs the day after thanksgiving. Doing things like this makes one feel special. Thank for the inspiration, sharing you beautiful mugs, and for sharing at Sunday's Best.

  6. PS I love all your beautiful blue plates,and Johnny Mathis singing in the background. cool

  7. What goodies do you put in the mugs as a gift?

    Great gift idea! When you get them wrapped, please post a picture. We give cash to the newspaper carrier and cash or a gift card to our regular mailman. I have baked banana nut bread and given as a gift to the mailman before in previous years.

  8. You have a beautiful collection of mugs, I also like the idea of using them for gifts vs envelopes. I'm a new follower, please visit when you have a chance.

  9. OMG, so cute, and so many mugs! You could open a coffee house for the holidays! Have a cup for me! LOL!!!

  10. That is some collection! You have inspired me to use all my holiday mugs--even my musical ones!

    Creating Wonderful Spaces

  11. Wow - so many cute mugs! You should come and enter my Vanilla Bean Paste giveaway

  12. Whee!! We start using our Christmas china (a combination of Spode Christmas Tree and Nikko Happy Holidays) on the 1st of December. I really love my Spode mugs, and seeing yours reminds me just how much.

  13. Wow! How do you decide which one to use??But I'm with you, I've got to drink out of my Christmas mug. I actually drink year round out of mine,and it's the same two mugs that I have had for 15 years from a child in my Sunday School class! I don't know why I fell so in love with them (One was mine, the other my husband's, but I confiscated his).Yep, every morning for 15 years!

  14. Look at that collection! I bet you your coffee tastes extra good in them.

  15. Loved seeing your Christmas mug shots! I am drinking from one of my Christmas mugs now as well. My current favorite is a 12 oz Peanuts gang "A Holiday Wish" mug which I picked up at the thrift a few weeks ago (along with 7 other mugs and 8 dessert plates!).

    Your coffee station is delightfully decorated! The containers are so cute!

  16. Love this! It just makes me even more excited about Christmas! :)

    Hope your day is wonderful!

    ... I'm now following you :)

  17. Love to follow along with your decorating. I am a Christmas fanatic and love the house decorated. I begin either right before or right after Thanksgiving and keep it up until the end of January. I used your canopy bed idea when decorating my bedroom this year. Absolutely love the look. (Not sure my husband does though. lol)

  18. WOW!! You really do have quite a collection of Christmas mugs!!

    Love all of them!!


  19. I'm on my way... I would like a big mug of cocoa with marshmallows please.. love it!
    hugs & happy holiday's from Savannah, Cherry

  20. Wow, what a nice collection of Christmas mugs! I need to get busy and get some more! I've been looking for a Christmas teapot, but you know how when you're looking for something, you can't seem to find it? Same thing with reindeer this year - I can't seem to find them anywhere! lol
    Hugs, Cindy