Friday, November 25, 2011

We Need A Little Christmas!

It's official!
It's time to put on our Santa hats.
Put on our favorite Christmas CD. 
I've listened to Danny Wright's 'Silver Bells' 
first thing in the morning the day after 
Thanksgiving every year since 1992. 
It's a tradition  we have that's
 'Just Wright For Christmas'
Have our official 'day after Thanksgiving
breakfast'...pecan or pumpkin pie.
Coffee in Christmas mugs!
Start to 'Haul Out The Holly'
Time to decorate my blog and add a 
Christmas background and Christmas playlist. 
Have our favorite 
'day after Thanksgiving lunch'.
Slices of turkey, a little mayo and my
cranberry chutney, a slice of Swiss, 
a spinach leaf or two on toasted bread. 
It's going to be a busy day!



  1. Love the Holiday look to your blog..and the Christmas music should get all of us in the holiday mood..I recently discovered a great Thrift store operated by the Humane Society of our County. Every thing is so well organized, reasonably priced and clean. I want to go back there this week and look around and I'll treat myself to a Christmas mug. I like to drink out of mugs too. Love your coffee filter container!
    We've been debating about investing in one of the new Keurig coffee makers, but we don't drink a lot of coffee. I don't drink any here but when we are out to dinner I might have some with my meal. DH only drinks 1 c. in morning and occasionally, but not very often, maybe another cup in afternoon