Friday, September 23, 2011

I'm Working On My Phd

Yes, that's my plan for this weekend.
Work on at least one of my 
Projects Half Done!
 Like paint the tool caddy I sketched out and
 Larry cut for me. But should I paint it 
white or black? Or should I stain it?
The black blocks and sign boards 
(in the top photos)
 are at least painted and ready for lettering.
Or the leftover pickets cut and ready to make
 into signs. But each will need a different font.
 Or the lampshade I'm going to make out of fabric scraps.
 The large pumpkin blocks are ready to finish.
 And the coffee filter wreath that gave me staplegun-itis.
 The signs for the kitchen all painted and waiting for lettering.
 The lettering chosen and outline printed....
ready to trace and paint.
Those are a lot of big decisions to make. 
I'd better sit down by the lake with Lucy and give this some thought!
I'll have at least one Phd done by Monday. 
Check back with me.
Have a Great Weekend!


  1. Ok Miss PHD,lol, you have stolen my idea! Hubby told me that if I would come up with some measurements, he would make me a caddy, or some boxes. We have seen them everywhere, and they are actually quite costly. He has all kinds of scrap wood at his shop, so I am definately taking him up on it. I want to paint and distress mine, and, I want more than one. That is soo greedy isn't it? You and Lucy have a great week-end also, and maybe we can compare boxes soon :)

  2. It's just me again. I was nosing around and looking at the fall blocks. Too cute! I guess while hubby is cutting wood, he could cut me a few of those also.
    Do you mind if I show him your caddy box? It is too cute, but don't want to copy without asking first. Actually, your waaay ahead of me on the PHD stuff. I don't know if I will ever get caught up, and here I am looking at more projects to do.

  3. LOL!!! I guess I'm working on mine too! I can't wait to see what to see the lampshade finished.

  4. PHD...sounds very familiar! Can't wait to see all of your finished project.

    Thanks for linking up, Rita. I appreciate your participation!