Tuesday, June 7, 2011

First Monday-A Wonderful Idea

On our way to Dallas we drove thru Canton TX. I remembered reading about a huge market the weekend before the first Monday of the month. I realized that it was starting tomorrow! I suggested to Larry that we get up very early the next morning and drive back 2 hours to where we were and walk acres of fields in the 100 degree Texas heat. 
He said "that's a wonderful idea" 
This is one of the largest flea markets in the country.
There are huge buildings as well as acres of fields.
 Rows of vintage aprons.
It's difficult to choose just one.
 Just what I was looking for, a trough chicken feeder.
 I think we could use one. I could display dishes.
Plates, platters in a chicken feeder..
"That's a wonderful idea."
(Inspiration photo from Cherry Hill Cottage)
Do you think we should get this lidded galvanized wash tub?
"That's a wonderful idea."

 We noticed that most people were pulling shopping carts.
"That's a wonderful idea."
They were professional flea marketeers
 This chic lady won my prize for best cart.
 She made her own liner.
Black and white toile lined with yellow check. 
She tied it on with checked bows. 
It's all tricked-out with compartments for 
essentials. How cute is that? 
Makes we wish I could sew.
That's me, hot and tired and not so chic, shlepping my little old cart out.
 Larry was carrying a box of vintage blue Ball jars with zinc lids.
(about $1.70 each)

I suggested that we stop at the Dairy Queen on our way out of town.
Larry said "That's a wonderful idea!"
I think he means it this time!

Stay cool!


  1. Cute post!

    I have heard of that Canton market. One day I hope to go, too but I will have to plan it as Missouri is a bit out of the way. Maybe a road trip to Texas.

    That's a wonderful idea!

  2. I read about Canton in quite a few blogs - what a fabulous place, but far too dangerous to visit...I'd spend far too much money! Love your purchases, and you're quite right about that adorable shopping cart.
    What a wonderful idea!

  3. I always heard that some people go the Thursday or Friday before first Monday...while the merchants are setting up. They said that they miss the crowds and get first choice. I've always wondered if one could really do that. Sounds like a great day. Cherry Kay

  4. This looks wonderful. Can't wait to see what you do with the treasures! I linked my chocolate crinkles to your recipe blog.... I had never made them before...


  5. What great finds - the galvanized tub with wood lid is very unique and I really like it!

    Happy Good Life Wednesday :O)


  6. Wow looks like you found some great things and had a good time!

  7. The tub is a great find, could be used for so many things :) Thanks for sharing at Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays.

  8. What a great flea market , I love the galvanized tub and the chicken feeder plate rack , Really pleased to have found your blog , it makes me smile , inspiring xx

  9. Larry's got a great sense of humor! Looks like you had a blast, even in that heat! I love the tricked out shopping cart! Have a wonderful time!

  10. What fun! I would love to be there..and all those cute aprons would have driven my crazy! ;D

  11. Hi Rita, What fun! Now you have to show us what you do with that great wash tub. Thanks for joining my party!

  12. I dream of going there one day! Cute finds!!

  13. I would love to go there some day!
    You are right...that cart is adorable and makes me want to sew too!!

  14. I wish I could get myself there one of these days. I'm drooling over all your pictures...love that big tub!

  15. I want to go to that flea market and I want a Larry LOL


  16. I'd love to go to Canton, but the heat right now does sound formidible. I have to laugh at your husband's humor, sounds like mine. Hey, ya gotta love'em!! thanks for linking up with VIF,
    xo Debra

  17. How lucky for you to have such a wonderful husband! Glad that he got to go to DQ. this looks like an amazing place, if we could just subtract the heat!!

  18. My kind of fair!!!!I would need two of those carts I'm sure. I love the chicken feeder, been looking for one around here. What a wonderful traveling partner!!

  19. I've heard about the Canton market but have never seen pictures of it. I also like that tricked out cart. Very nice!