Sunday, May 8, 2011

Salvaged Louver Doors

Here's another idea of what you can do with
discarded louvered closet doors.
 I picked these up on one of our neighborhood bulk trash days. 
I had a few in the garage.
 I've used them HERE in the kitchen.
This week I thought I could use them to make shutter-like screen divider panels for the patio.
 Before the screen/louvered doors were added.
 Left side before.
They would also help to hide 
the hurricane panels a bit.
Right side before.
 Right side after.
I didn't do anything to them except clean them up.
 I still had a few cobalt blue glass knobs.
We added one to each set.
I think they give the patio area more of a porch feel.
 Lucy needs a closer look. Lucky thinks they're ok. 
Plus I love the look of shutters.
(Click HERE and HERE to see more of my shutter love.)
  A little Key West look for free.
 Larry loved this project because it involved no cutting,
no painting, no trip to Home Depot,
 no time and no money. 
And as a  bonus, it cleared some stuff out of our garage. 
We got it MAY'd in no time!

Have A Great Day!


  1. the shutters look great on your porch. they add a great frame for your seating area.

  2. I love shutters....can be used in so many different ways.
    Cute blog!
    xoxo~kathy @
    sweet Up-North Mornings...

  3. I adore your shutters on the patio....and I agree that it gives more of a "porch" feel now. .....great job! Would you belive I passed up some of these doors yesterday at a garage sale! ....that's the way it goes sometimes.

  4. Looks GREAT!! That is my kind of project!

  5. It's amazing how much they add to an already beautiful room! Just lovely! I like the price too! Have a wonderful week!


  6. i thought they added new dimension to the place. loved those wicker seats:)

    im a follower here. care to follow baCK? THANKS.

  7. Love the shutters on your patio and love those wicker seats too :)

  8. Love your patio are and it is decorated so beautifully. The shutters are wonderful and they create such a great backdrop. Love the idea. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  9. Olá! Rita,Linda decoração, o branco clean e o azul.Cada detalhe um encanto. Abrç! Dorath

  10. wow, these look great!! They really soften up the doors and make it so cozy! Thanks for linking up with VIF! xo Debra

  11. I love garden ideas, we spend so much time outside but summers are hot in Sydney so we need shady nooks to sit in your looks cozy but also cool.

  12. It was about 9 pm last night, I was coming home from dinner --( today was garbage day)--- I screeched to a halt after I had spotted 4 double louvered closet doors laying on the ground behind the trash can. I am 75 years old, I put the top down on the convertible and Hauled those suckers in the back( I didnt even tear the seats--all by myself!!!1 lol I got home and started unloading them and trying to hide them somewhere and my 83=2 year old husband came out and started in hollering about bringing more junk in the garage, WELL the patio is getting a new look tomorrow and I am thrilled AND he will be showing our friends what WE did LOL LOL

    1. This is too funny! Sounds just like my house. Let me know how your patio turns out. I couldn't respond thru email.

  13. Salvaged Louver Doors. Here's another idea of what you can do with discarded louvered closet doors. I picked these up on one of our ...