Thursday, October 10, 2013

Salvaged Wood Shelf

We're visiting our place in North Carolina.
I thought I'd show you around a bit more.
Here's a salvaged shelf that we added to
the wall with the black bear. It's only 7"wide 
and  82"long, so it fit perfectly in that space.
Then I moved the camelback trunk in place.
I found the trunk at a local thrift shop.
I moved the antique pottery churns to the 
side of the trunk. I found those from a guy
 selling them from his pick-up on the street. 
Good deal!
The trunk  stores our out of season clothes.
Leaf art.
This is the wall -BEFORE.
This is the wall-AFTER.
This is how it started. Our son-in-law, Mike had this piece of wood in his garage. It's a salvage piece from an old bar. He had used most of the wood building a table and had this piece leftover. He knew the scavenger in me would love it. I didn't know exactly where I would use it, but was thinking 'shelf'. He had it sanded in no time so that I could stain it. We loaded it into the van when we left their
home in New Jersey. 
I found the perfect spot for it, 
on the bear wall, behind the love seat.
"We" stained it, and attached it to the wall
 with wrought iron brackets.
It's very thick and rustic looking.
It has a thick bullnose edge and 
great wood grain.
I couldn't wait to put stuff on it accessorize it.

 Thanks Mike!
To see how we made the bear click HERE

Cheers from North Carolina!


  1. The shelf looks great! I'm hosing a state art giveaway that you should enter!

  2. Perfect, I love it. Adds so much to the wall. Hugs, Marty

  3. Your hearty wood shelf looks great! I love how you've arranged everything. The candlesticks go great with the brackets The shelf grouping really shows off the wonderful bear too, looks better than when he was all alone! Nice!
    Have a glorious fall! Linda

  4. Oh that shelf is beautiful. You did an amazing job staining it!


  5. That is awesome, I love it. Perfect for the space and I love that BIG BEAR!!!