Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Make A Bread Board for Valentine's Day

I'm starting to think about Valentine's Day.
I have a few small projects planned.
My first project involves a scrap of wood,
 (no big surprise here), a jig saw, a little
 sandpaper and a bit of mineral oil.
Easy peasy!
Cut out a heart on some paper and use it as
 a template to trace onto the wood.
Cut it out.
Sand the edges.
Give it a few coats of mineral oil. Let the oil
soak in after each coat. It will condition the
wood, darkening it a bit and bring out the
grain. Re-apply anytime your boards need it.
I keep the oil-soaked cloth in an empty tennis
can to use anytime I want to re-condition my
cutting boards or butcher block island top.
Remember, imperfections add character.
Use it as a serving board for bread and butter
or cheeses, grapes, and crackers with
 your evening wine.

Tie on a red bow 
and find a display spot until you need to it.
 It also makes a nice tray.
To use for afternoon tea and treats.
(Warm oatmeal nut muffins)

 Or, use it as a centerpiece tray.
Make several. Make some smaller.
 Make someone happy and give them one.



  1. Super sweet idea! Pinning:) New follow. Follow back

  2. What a wonderful idea! We expect no less from YOU! Your pics are lovely!

  3. Your bread board looks so cute with the heart at the top. I love how you styled it too. I have a thing for bread boards and would love to get some more. I'm not sure I'm up to cutting the wood though so I may have to buy them. What kind of saw do you use?

  4. I love it, so cute. I've got a scrape of old wood and now you've given me some ideas. I condition my cutting boards with Walnut oil, it doesn't become rancid, and is all natural to use on cutting boards. You always come up with such great ideas, oh like your vignette styling!

  5. Now how fun is this. I have a really old one with the shape of a heart at the top. This is such a fabulous idea. Hugs, Marty

  6. What a good idea! We just bought a jig saw back in the summer and are shocked at how easy it is to use. Thanks for the idea. :)

  7. This is a good idea. Maybe even paint it with an attractive colour for Valentine's Day...

  8. This is great! And I LOVE the red toile! I'm a total sucker for red toile/transferware!!! =D

  9. Oh how adorable! I love it. I just finished a similar project. I have been looking for mineral oil all over the place with no luck. Might I ask where you find yours?

    1. Find mineral oil in the pharmacy isle of your grocery store.

  10. I LOVE this....beautiful! Found you through Gail's MRL Catch as Catch Can.

  11. What a great project.

    - The Tablescaper

  12. Rita May-you did a wonderful job cutting out that heart! kudos. Love your valentine bread board.

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