Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Repurposed TV Armoire

What to do with a no longer needed TV armoire/cabinet?
We had a very nice Henredon TV armoire 
that was part of our wall unit so I didn't
want to get rid of it.
We said goodbye to our last tube TV. 
That now left a big empty space.
 Empty spaces don't stay empty very long in 
my house.  I managed to fill it with 
a collection of stuff in no time.
Not a very good use of space.
 I thought adding shelves would make this a 
 great storage cabinet for some of my 
seasonal glasses and mugs. I also found the 
back panel for the TV cut-out in the garage 
when we were searching
 for wood for the side and shelves. 
 We used 3/4" MDF for the project, 
because that's what we had in the garage.
Nothing is nailed into the cabinet. The shelves
just rest on slats that hold the sides in place. 
We can remove it anytime. We used the
 trimmed-off pieces of the MDF shelves for 
the slats. Nothing ever wasted here!
Loaded it up and still have room to spare!
The space is 40"W and 24" D. The four
shelves (counting the bottom) give about
26-2/3 square feet of shelf space or the
equivalent of 26-2/3 feet of regular kitchen 
cabinet shelves. In other words...Lots!
All behind closed doors. 
I love projects like this:
*no cost
*very little time
*very little skill
*use up stuff in the garage
*lots of organization and storage!



  1. Great new space Rita May! Of course we could never have any spaced spared empty, lol...things are immediatelly ready to go fill the space. I love your TV armoire! Enjoy a great Fourth, too.

  2. The space wouldn't have been empty in my house for long either. Great job in utilizing the space.

  3. Everything has to live somewhere!! Good for you in finding such a great space! In my house - if there is a flat surface - something is ON it!!

  4. I love it, fabulous storage and all the shelves are wonderful. Hugs, Marty