Thursday, February 5, 2015

Craft/Project Withdrawal

What are the symptoms of craft/project 
I'll tell you my experience. I'm taking care 
of my daughter Kim in Texas because
 she broke her foot and required surgery. 
She has 2 dogs and stairs and can't put
 any weight on her foot for weeks. I'm here
 tending to everything and keeping very busy. 
Now yesterday I needed to do something 
Valentines-ey. There was nothing to work 
with; no wood scraps, no glue, none of that
 "saved stuff to use for a project someday"
What did I find? Cardboard from a box and 
red tissue paper left stuffed in a gift bag. 
Good enough. 
I cut the cardboard into a heart, tore the
 tissue paper, and made the glue from flour, 
sugar, water and oil. Desperate times. 
To hook it on to the nail already in the
 wall I bent a paperclip and taped
 it on the back. 
You could embellish it in all sorts of
 ways. Add lace paper doily to 
edge or add do-dads to the heart. 
This is just the emergency craft. 

I'm sure there are some loose buttons here somewhere...



  1. You are a good kind of CRAZY!!!!

  2. You're too funny! But I know that feeling of needing to do a craft item all too well - LOL!

  3. You will now be officially known as the "MacGyver" of the Craft World, Rita! Great job of crafting a project out of a few items! Oh, and the make-shift glue is brilliant!!

  4. Good for you. I think I should always pack a drawing pad and some paint medium. I like the heart!!!!

  5. Pretty creative of you to start with hardly anything and creative such a pretty heart. Hope your daughter is feeling better soon.