Thursday, December 4, 2014

Wine Corks Galore!

I was invited to a wine cork wreath 
making party while visiting Texas. 
It was at Aleecia's house, a good 
friend of my daughter Kim.
 Aleecia had a trunk-full of wine corks!
 Styrofoam wreath forms were painted 
and ready for us.
 Time to pick a pattern.
Lots of glue guns were used.
 I decided on a random pattern.
 Kim decided on an in-line pattern.
I glued on lots of corks.
 Wine and snacks
 Kim's wreath
My wreath. 
This wine-themed ribbon 
is just right thru Thanksgiving, then I 
 will use a Christmas ribbon for December.

 We also made coasters.
 Six for me, six for Kim.
 We also made Christmas trees.
I will add a small screw eye to the top and
a ribbon to hang from the tree.
This is Aleecia's tree with a 
wine cork garland.
She sent me home with a box filled
with corks so that I can make my own.
That's my project for today.



  1. Oh my word, what a fun idea for a party and the wreaths are all so pretty.

  2. Great ideas.....though I don't drink wine! I loved the wreaths and the wine cork garland on the Christmas tree! Thanks for sharing - hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!

  3. I love this. I have a cork wreath that a friend made for me several years ago that I just love. What a fun party. Thanks for sharing.

  4. How fun I would love to do a party making wreaths wherever did she get that many corks?Susie

  5. We all had so much fun, even the puppies!

  6. I am saving your post for some ideas for next year. I have a ton, being an incurable wino, and I have done a couple of projects with them although not holiday related. Thanks for sharing.