Thursday, February 13, 2014

Wine Cork and Red Bead Garland

This is a very versatile project.
It's too nice today to stay inside, 
so I'm on my patio stringing wine corks 
and red beads to make a garland. 
If you don't live in south Florida then you can 
say "It's too cold today to go anywhere, 
so I'm staying inside by the fire and stringing 
wine cork and red beads" 
See what I mean? Versatile!
You can use any color beads. I found this 
long string of red wooden beads at a garage
 sale last summer for $1.00. 
Larry pre-drilled the holes in the corks, 
so that threading the fishing line through
 went very fast.
I had a long string of corks/beads 
accumulating next to me on the couch. 
Like my last cork garland with tutorial
 HERE. The red beads mean I can use 
this garland for Valentine's Day, 
Christmas, and the 4th of July.  
I've been using so many corks lately I'm 
actually now low on corks. I missed my 
last opportunity to score lots of corks 
at a wedding we attended. 
I could have asked the bar tenders to 
put all the corks in a bag then I could have
 made the bride an nice sentimental garland. 
(note to self) You can never have too many corks! 



  1. What a great idea for a garland! We live down hill from a winery. Convenient if you need to roll home. Maybe they would save used corks for me! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Cute idea! I have quite a few accumulated -- maybe I will add this to my list of projects.

  3. What a cute craft! This would be and excellent reminder for an after wedding gift, The red beads are lovely touch! Hope you will take a peek of my red and white Valentine's table for you might enjoy it! have a great 14th!


  4. Rita - The garland is so cute. It would look awesome on a Christmas Tree! What a great idea.