Friday, January 28, 2011

Ode To Dairy Queen

On our long road trip during the holidays we drove thru "nowhere" USA. Miles and miles of open spaces. We sometimes drove into the smallest towns. Towns so teeny tiny some only had a gas station and .......a Dairy Queen.  That's where I fell in love.  I know, they've been around forever
and I do remember eating there years ago, but this was different. This was love. We'd stopped by a DQ for a snack one afternoon. Larry wanted the chocolate dipped cone.
 I commented that I thought that was a crazy choice, since it was freezing outside.  I went inside to see what appealed to me. "I'll have a small taco and a small dipped cone please." While waiting and waiting for my taco to arrive I was compelled to take a bite out of Larry's cone to keep it from dripping.
Love! More bites just to confirm. Love!
 Needless to say that when I got back to the van with my small taco and the small remains of the cone. I told Larry "You're gonna need another cone."
Well, that was the start of a love affair that continued the rest of the trip.
 Luckily we were "in the land of Dairy Queen" where every small town has a DQ and we were getting pretty good at finding one every day.
  •  The first Dairy Queen opened in 1940 in Joliet, IL.
  • Calories in a double dipped cone-450. That's why we always share one.


  1. Life is good when you start your meal with an Ice Cream appitizer! I live in a teeny tiny town that has nothing and I DO Love that... As for Dairy Queen. AHHH the memories of Dad LOVING it and preferring it to Carvel(his brothers favorite)...Hmmm, I also think it had the tempting PRICE of a "NICKEL" for a cone to Carvels WHOPPING "DIME" cone!hehe... LOVED it and OH that Choco Cap was the best... Weren't the cones "BIGGER" in those days too!!! AND we MUST not forget that "That DIME Carvel was charging was a SILVER DIME"!
    Thank you SO SO Much for the fun Memories...
    Giant Hugs to you,

  2. Too funny! Have you tried the Dilly Bar??? We have had one in our little town for 20 yrs or more. They are remodeling it and it is going to have a fireplace! It is going to be beautiful!

  3. Rita,
    Get over this addiction before it begins!!!! Hee Hee! The (almost) same thing happened to me. My husband likes the cones too. I took a bite of his and loved them as well. Pretty soon when the rest of the family was getting blizzards, I discovered that you could get the topping put in the blizzard if you want. I had to stop that before my bottom was as big as Texass!