Monday, November 28, 2016

DIY Christmas Sign

& to all a good night
My new sign this year.
It begins, as all my sign projects do, with
a trip into the garage for a piece of scrap
 wood. We cut off the uneven pieces a bit 
 but didn't straighten it out any more 
than that. It still has a rustic edge.
 Painted it white. 
 Sanded the edges. 
 I found a font I liked and just kept enlarging
a photo of it until I had it large enough for 
my board. Later I did find the font's name. 
It's Boho Script. Note: I always space my
 saying on the board without having to worry
 about the length. I just cut the board when 
I'm done to the proper length. 
 I lay the 3 pieces of copies on the board. 
Then I used carbon paper between the
 paper and board to outline the words.
That's the easiest way to transfer any
lettering. It's the method I use 
on all my signs.
 I lift the paper and carbon a few times
to make sure I got all the lines. Note the
  "g" loop is not complete. Easy fix.. 
Then I use a Sharpie to paint in the letters.
 I will hang this over the bed or give
it as a gift and make another one. 
 All finished and on my Christmas bed.
 Attach hangers to back for hanging as i
did in this post HERE.
 I think this is such a fun scripty font.
If you can't find it you could enlarge the pic
above and use that .
I really get lost in font many 
I've already downloaded for free. 
Let me know if you've made a new sign
for this Christmas. It's addicting, 
especially when they are so easy and
free to make. 


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  1. Your sign is adorable! Thanks for the explanation on how to make our own. Hugs,