Thursday, January 7, 2016

Using Silver Meat Platters

I polished my silver meat platers before 
Thanksgiving. I have a small collection. 
I use them a lot during the holidays and
 like to keep them handy. It's an elegant
way to serve your sliced turkey and roasts,
So you can understand why I would need
different sizes. Are you with me so far?
I store them leaning against the back splash 
black tiles and white beadboard in the kitchen.
They add a little holiday sparkle too.
 They help to lighten-up the black tiles 
and reflect the light.
 One was a passed down gift.
 One was a wedding gift. 
 Two were vintage finds. I
love the pretty scroll details on these. 
 This Christmas I passed one
to my daughter and one to a daughter-in-law.

I suppose I can survive with only the two 
I have left...Larry thinks so.



  1. I could use one of your beautiful platters this weekend when I serve Beef Wellington. It deserves to be presented on a lovely serving piece.

  2. So pretty! I love how women can always remember which pieces were wedding gifts, and usually who they were from. I enjoy your blog! Lots of great recipes and ideas about thrifting, etc. Keep it up!

  3. Dear Rita, we have MANY pieces of silver from small boxes to large platters and pitchers that were inherited from both families. Some were pieces won by Brad's father as northeast regional tennis trophies back in the 1950s & 60s. I use them as much as possible and really enjoy them. It saddens me to see pieces like this tossed in piles at Goodwill. The memories these pieces carry must have been precious.

  4. Rita, I just love your spirit. So beautiful it is. I also love that cookie cutter wreath behind the flour and sugar cannisters! I may have to copy that one!