Sunday, March 3, 2013

DIY Rustic Tray with Horseshoe Handles

My friend Tracey brought me a box of
horseshoes. She gives riding lessons
when she's not playing tennis.
 I thought she'd be the one to ask.
I wasn't sure yet how I would use 
them, but I knew not to miss out on a 
source for free stuff. 
This weekend I finally made something with
two of them, a rustic tray with horseshoe
handles. It's a good container for a coffee
table vignette.
 We used salvaged picket fence pieces
that we cut for the sides.
 We cut a piece of plywood for the base. 
I decided I wanted the tray to be 14X20.
 We nailed the pieces together and 
sanded only the very rough edges. 
 I soaked, and scrubbed clean two
horseshoes and then I rubbed them with 
mineral oil to give them a nice patina.
 I found some leftover stain de jour
 and rubbed on a coat.
 We attached the horseshoe handles.
I used the mineral oil-soaked cloth to rub
everything again, including the wood. 
 I put my Valentine's orchid into a 
$1 thrift store soup tureen.
I covered the soil with dried moss that 
I pick-up whenever we road trip thru
 central Florida. Spanish moss is everywhere.
It grows on trees!
I just gathered a few things 
for this basic vignette.
Lucy likes our new soft throw. 
Then, just to amuse myself,
 I changed one element to make it
(Some of you may get that.)



  1. I live the look... I get the bell, book, and candle, too. In my basement at home are some pony shoes from my grandfather's barn.... What a great idea. How did you attach the horseshoe?

  2. You are one smart woman! That is such a clever idea! You really built that from scratch! It's just amazing! I am so impressed that you can find Spanish moss like! I have never seen it out in nature like that!

  3. What a creative use of horse shoes!! Only YOU!

  4. I love the tray, Rita!!! Very good use of the horse shoes, very creative!!! I love the vignette too. XO, Pinky

  5. PS, about the spanish moss; you should stick it on a LOW oven for awhile to kill any bugs. That is what my in-laws always told me when we would gather moss in Fl.

  6. The tray is fabulous. I love the horseshoes as handles. Great vignette. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  7. Sweet little tray setting - and as much as I hated to see the basket go, the bell is clever!

  8. That is so cool! I would've never thought to do that with horseshoes!

  9. I absolutely Adore your tray, and the use of the horse shoes for handles are simply genius.I am dying to make one of my own now. I am on the look out for horse shoes LOL.I also, love the selections on your playlist.It is so relaxing to give a listen and enjoy a cup of coffee or two while visiting with you.

  10. Beautiful handmade tray! Yes, I appreciate the bell, book and candle. Years ago we had a cat named Pywackett from the book...not sure it that's spelled correctly.

    Betty @ Country Charm

  11. I love, love, love, the great idea of using your Fathers old binoculars as a bookend. You can't help but think of him every time you look at your very creative idea! ........Bell, Book, and that brings to my mind Kim Novak!