Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Visit to Lori's - Halloween Decorating

My friend Lori loves to decorate for
the holidays!  
 Halloween is her second favorite time. 
Her front porch entry.
A welcome witch.
 But, please come inside!
Pumpkin guys in hallway.
This way to the kitchen.
 She used white platters on an antique
plate rack and tied black spooky works
in front of them. 
The antique Hoosier 
cabinet in the breakfast area.
 The vignette on top. 
The right side of the Hoosier has an 
antique step stool. Lori's house is full 
of antiques, so just insert the word 
'antique' in front of all 
furniture mentioned from now on.
 Lori is also a very talented seamstress,
 quilter, applique'er. She made all the 
fabric art.
The right side of the Hoosier.
 A collection of Halloween cards
displayed on a nearby narrow wall.
 Of course, Lori changes the plates  
on the wall rack seasonally.
 Another one of Lori's handwork projects. 
She was happy to find the perfect frame.
Next to that, bittersweet branches.
There's so much more to see, so come back
for the next post showing the family room 
and dining room. At the end we'll 
break for coffee and some of Lori's
pumpkin bread! 

Cozy! Cozy!


  1. Your friend has quite the knack for arranging such cute little areas! I love her Halloween card collection and the way she displayed it. I don't have any Halloween decorations so it's really fun for me to see other people's creative ideas!

  2. I love the way she has the cards displayed! I'm going to be on the lookout for something like that. And the pumpkin guys are just the cutest! Love those black cats, too. They look like vintage cats! Thanks for sharing! Tell her she did GREAT!!!

  3. Love this! I was wondering where she got her Hoosier Cabinet? It looks like one I had that I sold a few years ago when I was moving overseas. I lived in NW Missouri at the time and I believe the lady that bought it was either coming down from Iowa or in that area anyway. Just curious, it had all been refinished, inside and out and was a real treasure. Would love to connect with her! ♥

  4. Totally fun and adorable! My favorite feature is the sparkly words framed by the white platters. I think I'll borrow and adapt that idea in December using my collection of red and silver sparkly Christmastime words.

  5. Very pretty! Thanks for sharing!