Sunday, April 14, 2013

Kaffee und Kuchen

I made a little sign for my kitchen to honor the
German tradition of Kaffee und Kuchen.
These signs are so fun and easy to make.
 I use the same method for all my signs.
1st: Use a piece of found wood
2nd: Paint or stain it.
3rd: Find a font that suits the
sign. This one is
Edwardian Script in 220 point size
for the Kaffee, Kuchen, and 150
size for the und
printed in outline setting
4th: Trace it onto the board using
carbon paper.
5th: Use a Sharpie to paint in the
 Hang it in the space reserved for
the ever-changing signs!
Under my open kitchen cabinet.
I got the inspiration from my German
Kaffee bean grinder. I tried to find a font that
closely matched it's German-look.
While the British have tea and scones, the 
Germans have Kaffee und Kuchen 
(coffee & cake). Traditionally around 4pm 
Germans may go to a cafe or visit friends and
family to meet zum Kaffe (for coffee)
Obviously, this isn't happening everyday, but
 the tradition is a wonderful way to get
together at least occasionally,
 especially on birthdays. 
Being invited zum Kaffe always means
there'll be cake!
This is the chocolate skillet cake
we devoured this weekend.



  1. I love your sign and I knew what it meant instantly! The kuchen looks yummy too. I made madeleines for my grandgirls and daughter; of course, they're gone by today! Have a super week, Rita May.

  2. That sounds like a great tradition -- coffee and cake, oh yeah! Love the little sign.

  3. I love your little sign and thanks for sharing how you did it! Love it that you used a Sharpie! Now that skillet cake - I made one last week. Isn't it so delicious!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. Love your sign and how fun is that. It definitley looks like it belong with your coffee grinder. Great idea. Hugs, Marty

  5. It´s a beautifull work.
    I´like it.

  6. Thanks for sharing how you made the cute sign. Your home is so beautiful. I especially admire your tiled kitchen countertops - no granite! Hurray!
    Btw, I have tried almost all of your recepies and my family loves them. Thanks!

  7. I love it! Thanks for sharing the instructions as well. I hope to try this in the near future. Kaffee und Kuchen - liebe!

  8. Rita, as always you delight me with your creative and decorating talent.
    I love the freshness of your white with blue coloring. Perfect after a long cold winter.
    I wanted to note however that I only noticed for the first time that you lost Lucky in 2012? I am so sorry, somehow I missed that. I remember that you lost Princess, but I just didn't know about Lucky. I don't want to sadden you by bringing it up. I only wanted to express my sympathy. Won't you post a little on how Lucy is doing, being an only dog now?