Thursday, March 28, 2013

Paper Strip Easter Egg Craft

That's all you need for this easy craft.
 I found this on pinterest and went to the blog
Julep for the egg template and then 
printed it onto heavy paper. 
I can reuse the cut-out egg 
and just trace it onto paper the next time. 
 Use one page with the egg outline to lay out 
an assortment of paper strips that you
 have cut into about 1/2" strips.
 DO NOT use a ruler. Just eyeball it.
You want it naturally uneven. 
 Use white craft glue to glue them on. 
DO NOT obsess about keeping them straight.
This is a great craft to do with your kids.
It would be fun to do on Easter.
(See the zigzag blue paper. That's
the inside of a reply envelope.)
Use the other cut out paper 
template as the mat. 
 I have it at the coffee station 
for an Easter vignette.
 Now, I think you could also do this with 
ribbon scraps or fabric scraps
 or even just paint the lines. 
Happy Easter

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  1. That's an amazing Easter craft! Can I share this to my Easter 2014 pinterest board? Cheers!