Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Vintage Chicken Feeder Dish Rack

 I can't tell you how excited I was to find
this old trough chicken feeder !
I've always wanted one to use as a
dish display rack.
on our last road trip.
I cleaned it well and sprayed it with poly.
 First I had it on the bar counter by the sink.
 Then I removed all the dishes and moved it
 to the island to see how it would look there. 
 First I moved everything off the butcher block top 
and gave the wood a good mineral oil rub-down.
 I like it better on the island.
I added a basket to the end and filled it
with a bouquet of rolling pins.
 I filled it all up with an assortment of my
blue and white plates.
Grab a plate for a piece of pie 
Key Lime Pie
or cake!
Perfectly Chocolate Cake

click on Best Key Lime Pie for recipe.
click on Perfectly Chocolate Cake for recipe.
click on Cottage Style Dish Pantry to see that post


  1. Love, love it! Looks perfect in the kitchen. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Rita- Love all of your plates displayed in the feeder! I am a fan of blue/white, so this is just right up my alley! Visiting from Common Ground. :-)
    ~ Sue

  3. How embarrassing- meant to say from Sherry's party!

  4. I LOVE it...wish I had one too. Thanks for the recipes too!!! :D

  5. I just love this...what a great idea. And I love all of your plates!
    Marianne :)

  6. I LOVE, love Love, LOVE it!!! I have not been to Canton in years! BUT I AM soon as the weather cools off! Like in October?

  7. I've never seen this. How beautiful!

  8. Rita, this is a lovely piece! I'm so glad you finally found one. It looks so pretty with all your blue and white china in it. I think I'm going to have to make the trip to Canton! when it cools off. many blessings, marlis

  9. Oh my gosh! I think it looks wonderful! I now have plate envy....and will start looking for a chicken feeder to display them in!
    Thanks so much for sharing!

  10. A chicken feeder turned into plate rack and My Shirona? I am a new follower. Love it!!

  11. Hi Rita!
    What a great re-use :o) and when you've chosen to place it is just perfect. (Looks like me, you had no problem finding blue and white plates to fill it!)
    I love your island - it's nearly as big as my whole kitchen...I can dream ;o)
    Best wishes
    Rose H

  12. Oh my what a great idea to show off your plates!!!

  13. Your trough chicken feeder looks fantastic and so clever with your beautiful plates.


  14. What a genius idea!!! I really "need" one of those. It will look fabulous wherever you use it!

  15. Love it! Who knew plates would look so cute!

  16. I made my hubby look at your post. We own a chicken ranch and I have one of those and I told him "it's coming in sweetheart" and he just laughed! I love the old chicken feeders etc. We actually have those chicken nesting boxes in our barn that you showed in the first picture! I've tried for years to get him to let me have them to plant petunias in! Hahahaha
    great post.

  17. It is wonderful! Looks perfect in your blue kitchen!!

  18. I started to type a nice comment but then my shirona came on and reminded me of shcool days so now I am just rocking out dancing.........

  19. That looks so cool. It would never have occurred to me to re-purpose a chicken feeder that way. Then again, my kitchen is so cluttered I wouldn't have had anywhere to put it. . .

  20. What a great find, the blue and white plates look great in it....

    Shaking my hips to My Shirona...


  21. Hi Rita, I just love this and it looks so wonderful holding your blue and white plates. What a pretty kitchen you have. The pot rack, chicken wire, blue island...everything is fabulous. Thanks for joining my party this week.

  22. Rita,
    Oh!!! I adore your chicken feeder gone plate rack! How well I remember seeing these on my Grandmother's farm when I was a child! You have a darling kitchen...and I think housing the feeder on the island is stunning! I couldn't help but notice the chicken wire on the cabinet in the you have another post featuring that cabinet???

  23. ANSWER: The chicken wire cabinet post is Cottage Style Dish Pantry.

  24. Love it! What a great find. Bet you were very excited when you saw it at the sale. BTW, I'm your newest follower!

  25. What a great way to display plates!!! This would be a neat idea for my booth- I have a ton of plates there!

  26. Hi, popped over from Feathered Nest Fri. I absolutely love this! I have a long one that just has one long handle over the top. I planted it with portulaca and put it on my deck. I have never seen one with the dividers. It looks super cute on your super cute island. I have a ton of red in my house, but I still love blue.

  27. Hi Rita, well, your kitchen is gorgeous, Love that island and the chicken feeder/plate rack is perfect for the spot. The blue and white plates look wonderful along with those yummy desserts. Thanks so much for linking up with VIF!
    xo Debra

  28. That is a great look. I like it there with the beautiful wood counter and blue island. That is quite a collection of blue and white plates, too.

  29. Love this idea!!! I have sooo many plates and am alway looking for ways to display them. This is such an aweome idea.

    - The Tablescaper

  30. I am all for keeping those plates handy. You just never know.
    Great idea, looks great. Kudos!! Ginger

  31. I wish I had thought of that. That's the smartest thing I seen done lately.
    Love it.

  32. Love your style! It looks perfect in your kitchen! Very creative idea.Thanks for sharing:)
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  33. I am sooo loving this,, I wish my kitchen had room for something similar. Love your kitchen!

  34. Love love love this. Oh and the rolling pin bouquet, fabulous! Hugs and have a happy weekend!

  35. This is a super good idea. It looks so pretty with all of those plates in it on your bar. Thanks for linking it up to Home Sweet Home!

  36. If you have beautiful plates than you need a way to display them right:) Great job!

  37. That is a fabulous find, and I love your blue and white dishes!

    Waving from our Back Porch,

  38. The chicken feeder is glad that you found it. Thank you for the three dessert recipes...I have enough sweets for the rest of the summer. Cherry Kay

  39. My daddy always called me a 'city girl' and now I might have to agree w/him. I've never seen a chicken feeder. Ever! And I hardly think I woulda thought of it as a cool plate rack. But it is just perfect in your kitchen! Absolutely adore it.

  40. Hi Rita. I just discovered yout blog and just want to say that I thoroughly enjoy it ! Love your chicken feeder plate rack ! i will be following you from now on. Thanks for sharing all your creative ideas!

  41. This has such repurposed charm. It looks so beautiful on the island. Nice job! I would love to have a piece of that pie or cake. They look so yummy. How about stopping by and entering my summer giveaway?

  42. Looks beautiful! From what I can see of your kitchen its just gorgeous!

  43. Love your new rack. . .perfect.
    I have a plate rack above my sink and I love having the plates at hand without having to open a cabinet door.

  44. Love your plate rack. I first saw this on Tina's blog, "Cherryhill Cottage". She always
    has the most wonderful ideas. I like it on your bar, looks really good.
    Becky from "Buckets of Burlap" blog uses a feeder for a curtain rod. I love it when you can use something for other than what it is suppose to be used for. I love Canton, we go about two to three times a year, it is so much fun.

  45. ♥! I'm spying the LB basket with work "bib". I may have to make one. I love it on your island, too, although it will look darling anyplace.

  46. great repurpose with the trough! The plates look really great.

  47. This is so dang rad!! I have been searching for just this very item as a way to simultaneously display and dry our plates (no dishwasher in my house. I wonder if I can get one new?
    THANK YOU, Rita!!

  48. Love, love it! Looks perfect in the kitchen. Thanks for sharing.London Escortshotwifes

  49. Rita, I've never been to Canton, but it's still on my list. This is a clever use. I'm going to remember your idea. Love the "bouquet" of rolling pins too.

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  57. Oh, this is awesome. Wish I had space for something like this. Way Cool!!!!