Wednesday, March 12, 2014

DIY Wire Plate Hangers

There are a few plates on my walls that I like
 to change with the seasons. It's so much
easier for me to leave the plate hangers
on the plates when I wrap them up
for storage. It makes it a quick change.
On my last swap-out I was all out of my
 supply of plate hangers, so I decided
to make my own. So much cheaper 
and I can make any size I need.
 It's basically 2 pieces of wire twisted
together. With this method you can make
a hanger for any size or shape plate or
platter you want to display.
 My Fall plates.
My blue plates.
The plates hang on each side of the
vintage china cabinet in the hallway.
Google search found several options and 
the method I used is from Martha. 
I had a roll of wire in the garage.
I was all set to give it a try.
You need: 18-gauge wire, and a wire cutter 
with a needle-nose for turning the wire.
These are the Christmas plates.
Cut 2 pieces of wire 3" longer than
the diameter of the plate.
Twist a loop in the middle of the first wire.
Shape the second wire into a V and slip it
through the loop. Give it a twist to secure.
Lay the wire so that the loop rests on the 
ridge on the back of the plate. 
You'll hang the plate from this loop.
Press the ends over the edge of the plate
using the needle-nose pliers.
Cut off excess wire. Done!
Now go forth and hang those plates!


  1. Well that's pretty cool! I never seem to have the right sized plate hangers, so this is great. Won't have to run out to the store to buy, none we can customize to the size we need. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Rita, thank you a million times for sharing this!!! I have a clock that I made from an old shallow tray, and I couldn't find a plate hanger large enough for it. As soon as I get some 18-guage wire, I'll be all set. Found you at BNOTP. Blessings!
    Kim @ Curtain Queen Creates

  3. Thank you, Rita, for sharing this solution! I have plates that are odd sizes and have not been able to find hangars that work. Do you have any worries that the wire won't be strong enough or is 18-guage pretty sturdy? Thanks, again, Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  4. I have a chalkboard that is not very heavy but has no hook. wonder if I could make a hanger for it this way. xo

  5. This is one of my favorite discoveries since I started blogging...saw it someplace a few years back...did NOT know that it was Martha's idea.
    It is a GOOD ONE! You can also use this technique for artwork (I have a paint by number without a frame) you can hang chalk board trays, vintage board games...lots of ideas, with just a little bit of modification.
    Thanks for the's easy and Your plates are so pretty!

  6. I'm glad you shared this. I need to do it. Thanks.

  7. Hello Rita
    I have always loved the idea of decorating plates on walls. I recently tried doing so by using hot glue on the hook and on the plate. One night two plates crashed to pieces because the glue couldnt hold the plate. I have been since then looking on the net for more safer and tighter options but most use hot glue or hooks of a kind which is not easily available in India. Your step by step wire is so much easier and inexpensive way to hang plates without any worries of crashing. Will share pics once I am done. Thks ! :)

  8. Rita (my daughter's name so I know you're amazing!) this is an underrated article! : )