Monday, October 29, 2012

NC Part 6- The Dining Room

Here's the dining area in our
North Carolina 'Cabbage'.
We painted the window wall a rich Barn Red,
 Sherwin Williams-Martha Stewart Signature.
We changed out the wrought iron chandelier
 to an antler chandelier. We used what we
had to furnish the Cabbage. The furniture
we've collected over the years has
found a home here. 
The table is very old. I've had it for over
40 years. It was given to me by a neighbor
in Chicago when she moved.
Someone had given it to her years earlier too.
 The ladder back chairs were bought in
Long Grove, IL many years ago.
 The antique corner cupboard, one of my
favorite pieces, was bought in Ohio.
A collection of oil lamps, some vintage, 
an antique wood cheese box all sit on top.
We attended several art shows while in IL.  
The artist Jack Schmitt was a favorite. 
I had several of his original watercolors
reframed and rematted to use here. 
 The bamboo blinds and suede valances are from K-Mart.
Free books from the Bryson City Library 
line the window ledge.
Pine cones and wooden apples fill an old 
wooden bowl on the table.
One of my favorite things about 
Fall in the Smokies
 is having a fire going every night.
I like that we can see the fireplace from the 
dining room table when we're having dinner. 
We even light the fire in the mornings to 
get the chill out, and enjoy it while 
we're having breakfast.

Stay Cozy...


  1. This place is so beautiful. I love it and your decor is wonderful. Perfect for the area. Hugs, Marty

  2. I love everything! So nice visiting you this morning in your lovely home! I love N.C. and hope to be there sometime soon!

  3. Beautiful dining room! So warm and inviting. I love that antler chandelier!

  4. Lovely! This is a 2nd home right? Love the fireplace and the open space you have. I like the chandelier too- I'd love to have a cabin style home!

  5. I think it's wonderful. I hope you have no damage this week from the storms!

  6. Such a pretty, warm and inviting cabbage! I love your furnishings for it and that fire place, the icing on the cake! Thanks for sharing Rita May and I hope you have a great and safe week, my friend.

  7. Looks so warm and cozy! Love your furnishings.


  8. Love the Cabbage, where in NC is the Cabbage located? We are looking to purchase a cabin in NC in the next year or so (or whenever we find one we like).
    Love your blog and all your recipes too.

    Mary L

    1. Our condo/cabbage is in Smoky Mountain Country Club in Whittier, NC. It's by Bryson City the entrance to the National Park. We do rent it, and are selling too. Send me an email for more pictures of the area.

  9. Beautiful rooms. Thanks for the tour.


  10. I love your cabin! You gave me an idea to light the fireplace for BREAKFAST too! I really love how you have furnished and decorated this. XO, Pinky

  11. Michigan Running MomOctober 31, 2012 at 9:38 AM

    I hope both your Cabbage and home in Florida came through Superstorm Sandy okay. Love your decorating ideas - I love to see people repurpose and thrift items. It keeps the Earth "green".

  12. I hope you are safe! I don't know how much Sandy might have hit you. I'll be checking maps -- just got power back myself. We are in Southern coastal Maine, and it didn't look like we were in the path, but we sure got a lot of wind (4 shingles off the roof! and 3 trees down!).
    I love your barn red wall. I have red walls in my dining area, and it feels like a bit much, and now I think I should choose one wall to stay red as an accent and paint the others a more neutral color.
    I looooove your ladderback chairs, as well as your antler chandelier. What a lovely practice to light the fire at breakfast -- why have I never thought of that? Our fireplace is in the dining area, so I think Saturday's brunch will be a little cozier this week!
    Thanks for all you share, Rita. I'll say it again: you are amazing!

  13. thanks for sharing..