Tuesday, October 23, 2012

NC Part 4: Using A Vintage Window

Thrifting in North Carolina is always on my list.
My favorite find this week was this old window.
 It's all chippy and distressed.
One side was shabby white.
It had perfectly worn edges.
The other side was this vintage green color.
All I did was clean it.
I decided to use the old green side. 
It looked a little plain. I wanted to add a 
banner or bunting across the top but didn't
have the time or patience. 
I grabbed some leaves I had picked up 
and tucked them into the wire that was at
the top. I was going to remove the wire, 
but as it turned out it came in handy.
My plan was to add it to the top of the
entertainment center.
Replaced the other things on top.
 I really like it.
$5.00 for hours of fun!

Stay Cozy!


  1. Your window makes a nice addition to your cabinet top vignette!

  2. I like it, too.. lots of things you can do with it!

  3. I guess everyone around here either replaced their wood windows and has already gotten rid of them or offers them for ridiculous prices. Even at ReStore we can't find any. Lookin' good.

  4. You do know how to make everything look simply beautiful!

  5. Very beautiful and creative! It’s really incredible how a vintage window can be reinvented into something unique and lovely. In my situation, we used half of a used colonial vinyl window and made it into a picture frame. It's an awesome feeling to make these artsy revamps! =)

  6. Excellent idea, Rita! I love your approach about the used window. You definitely fitted it well with the modern decorations. By the way, have you tried glass etching? You might find out that it can make your used window look more appealing. ;)

  7. Like you, I also enjoy recycling windows! It awakens the creativity in me! Though I like your idea, I don’t like the idea that you put it on top of your cabinet. You know there’s a possibility that it might fall. Everything that falls breaks and broken glass is dangerous.